SPLC’s “Flawed Freedom Fighters”

American Freedom Party
August 12, 2014

A headline article in the SPLC’s “Intelligence Report” is a shout-out to ARA/Antifa. ARA, which stands for Anti-Racist Action, and Antifa are umbrella names for a loose network of violent Marxist thugs. The network includes gangs with patched members, as well as casual participants. The SPLC openly admits that the group is violent and commits mob attacks. The SPLC says the violence by the network “goes back decades.” However the SPLC refuses to condemn them. The SPLC romanticizes them as “flawed freedom fighters,” and says they are a “constructive force.” Just like the “constructive force” convicted bomber Bill Ayers.

While admitting that the ARA/Antifa gang network is violent, the SPLC only mentions physical assaults. There have also been multiple murders and attempted murders committed by members of this gang network.

Their intention is to promote multiculturalism to anti-multculuralists.

Have a look at the thugs that Mark Potok and crew call “flawed freedom fighters”.

Rebels for multiculturalism, lol
Rebels for multiculturalism, lol – fight the system!

Prosecutors last May charged (from left) Jason Sutherlin, Cody Sutherlin, Dylan Sutherlin, Alex Stuck and John Tucker with felony mob action after the attack on diners at the Ashford House Restaurant in Tinley Park, Ill. TINLEY PARK POLICE DEPARTMENT

Hammond twins
Hammond twins

Jason Hammond (l) and twin-brother Jeremy Hammond have arrest records. Jeremy Hammond is serving time for cyber-hacking and is suspected of cyber-hacking American 3rd Position (see plea agreement here). Jason Hammond was recently arrested for his involvement in the Tinley Park melee.

This is a video of baton-wielding thug Jason Hammond in downtown Manhattan when his brother-thug Jeremy was sentenced to 10 years:

The Reality Wars: Jason Hammond from Vivien Lesnik Weisman on Vimeo.

The left-wing National Lawyers Guild [founded primarily by Jewish communists] provided free legal services to The Tinley Park 5. [The National Lawyer’s Guild member attorney, Lynne Stewart, who was charged with charges of conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists for providing communication from prison for Omar Abdel-Rahman, her former client and mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, was sentenced to 10 years.]