State Department Pushes Sale of Even More Drones and Missiles to Taiwan

The US is trying to bully China into invading Taiwan by claiming they are planning to invade Taiwan.

What purpose would China have in invading Taiwan?

Taiwan claiming to be an independent country and stockpiling weapons is a reason to invade Taiwan.

The issue here is: people don’t even think like that. It’s not a natural thought to have, that you would try to provoke an invasion by claiming you’re trying to prevent an invasion. That exact thing is undeniably happening, but people just really have a hard time processing it.


The U.S. State Department has approved the possible sale to Taiwan of drones and missiles for an estimated $360 million, the Pentagon’s Defense Security Cooperation Agency said.

The United States is bound by law to provide Chinese-claimed Taiwan with the means to defend itself despite the lack of formal diplomatic ties, to the constant anger of Beijing.

China has been stepping up military pressure against Taiwan, including staging war games around the island last month after the inauguration of Lai Ching-te as president.

The sale “will help improve the security of the recipient and assist in maintaining political stability, military balance, and economic progress in the region”, the Pentagon agency said in separate statements on Tuesday in the United States.

The US runs media operations around the world, either for the purpose of overthrowing the government or making a government they already control much more worser. Then these people whine that China blocks their propaganda aimed at overthrowing their government, as if a foreign country printing materials designed to promote the overthrow of your country in your country is not an act of war. It’s literally an act of war. During wars, the US drops propaganda pamphlets on enemy soldiers telling them the enemy is actually the good guys.

I have no idea why Russia doesn’t do this in the Ukraine. I’ve been promoting it since Day One. I don’t understand why the Russian government doesn’t listen to me more often. I was right about the Maidan, the Minsk Accords, the Turkey peace negotiations. I am a Russophile, and I’m right about all kinds of things, and I just publish it on my site where anyone can read it.

Russian propaganda leaflets could just say the straight truth (as opposed to the US dropping homosexual lies), and it would without a doubt result in more mass surrenders. I’m not sure people understand how little information the average Ukrainian has. Their media is as controlled as North Korea’s. They do have the internet, but the internet is different.

To their credit, Russia does some propaganda aimed at Ukrainians on Telegram, but I think a pamphlet dropped from a drone would be more powerful. At the very least, the pamphlets would sow distrust among the ranks of the Ukrainians.

Anyway, regarding China refusing to allow the US to distribute news calling for the government to be overthrown: what would the US do if the Chinese set up a media outlet in English aimed at Americans, similar to RT? RT is very popular on the television in Europe – or rather it was, before it was banned. A bunch of normal people just preferred it to the BBC or CNN or whatever other Jewish garbage, not because it was pro-Russian, just because it was more accurate. Basically, RT does just normal right-leaning news on every topic, then when it comes to Russia, they don’t give a negative spin (outside of op-eds, they also don’t give a positive spin really, they just actually report what people said).

Frankly, they’re almost too honest. I’ve taken issue with the RT editors before, getting overly clickbaity to the point of printing stories like “Russian man with ax kills and eats family.” It’s like wait, hold on. It’s a big country, weird stuff is going to happen, but it doesn’t need to be featured on RT.

China does have some English news, but it is mostly really China oriented. It’s literally just “China news in English,” whereas RT is modeled off of popular right-wing American websites. Anyway, the US media simply will not report that Emperor Xi had been denying the hawks attention his entire reign, and was talking about reunification in the 2040s (and even then, it would be a version of “One Country, Two Systems” like Hong Kong was before the US went in and drove them apeshit with antifa mania). People have no idea Xi’s held this position the whole time he’s been in power.

Most American right-wingers are anti-Ukraine but pro-Taiwan, and there isn’t really any reason for this other than race. The situations are similar. People like John Mearsheimer and Tucker Carlson go out and say “we need to ally with Russia to split them off from China,” but if your plan was to empower the United States by preventing a Russia-China alliance, you could just as easily go the opposite way, and ally with China.

But I don’t even think the average right-wing American understands this whole concept of preventing an Eastern Power Bloc; they hate the Chinese for stupid racist reasons. I know it might be funny for me to talk about “stupid racists,” but it’s literally true. I think the root is “those small black eyes look sneaky to me.”

It’s a similar thing with right-wingers and anti-Islam sentiment. They have this whole “Christian Zionism” gibberish and so on, but exploiting the natural human instinct to be suspicious of people who look, act, and smell different is at the root of it. (Also in that case, they’ve encouraged the worse people from the Islamic world to come live in our countries, which creates hostility.)

However, if people understood that the Chinese government is what we would call “far-right ultranationalist,” that would probably blunt some of the racist sentiment. If I were the Chinese, I would go over-the-top and do a New York Post/Daily Mail style tabloid with outrageous right-wing slants on every news story, including American celebrity news, and then insert a bunch of stuff about how Chinese people think Americans are trying to make them gay.

How can supposedly Christian Americans support a country with gay pride marches against a country that outlaws gay pride marches?

Is the US Really Planning to Do a Ukraine in Taiwan?

It’s incredible, but all signs point to the US attempting to start a third front on this brewing world war.

No one in the West understands the Chinese at all. (These people can’t even understand the Russians, who are really just normal 19th century-style Europeans with an only slightly different mindset).

In another dimension, the evil version of me is running an entire think tank on strategies against China.

The big problem is: a slim majority of the Taiwanese might be significantly opposed to reunification happening tomorrow, but many fewer are devoted to it never happening. That is not a popular view. Taiwanese do not believe they are a different country or understand what “democracy” is, they just think the mainlanders are poorer than they are and think they’d lose money if they reunified tomorrow.

However, how many would actually want a war? The Ukrainians turned out to be even stupider than anyone had ever imagined, but in Taiwan, the mainstream right party supports reunification more or less immediately. Hilariously, forcing gay marriage on the country caused a shift towards wanting to reunify to ban that shit.

You’d have serious partisans and you would probably have entire units defecting to the mainland side, given that military people tend to be more right-wing than average people.

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