Pelosi and Other Politicians Visit Satanic Cult Leader and Fugitive Dalai Lama in Order to Anger the Chinese

The Dalai Lama leads a sick, satanic, cannibal cult.

He’s wanted in China for satanic actions and terrorism, as well as slavery.

Go read an article in the Atlantic or something trying to explain how slavery in Tibet “wasn’t really slavery, somehow.”

The US has no principles whatsoever, other than trying to push their sickening globalist anal agenda.

New York Post:

China’s embassy to the US sent a threatening letter to lawmakers who visited the Dalai Lama in Tibet this week urging them to “cancel” the trip, according to a copy of the missive exclusively reviewed by The Post.

I am writing to express deep concern on the HFAC congressional delegation’s visit to Dharamshala,” Minister-Counselor Zhou Zheng wrote to aides of House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) and ranking member Gregory Meeks (D-NY).

The visit interferes with China’s internal affairs, violates China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. China firmly deplores it,” Zheng said, referring to Tibet as “Xizang … an integral part of Chinese territory since [the] Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century.”

We strongly urge the Congress to cancel related activities, so as to help maintain the current stabilizing momentum of China-US relations, rather than the opposite,” he added.

“Communist China’s oppression of the Tibetan people, bullying of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and warnings to those of us who visited Tibetans living in exile in India are inappropriate and all the more reason why the United States and the international community must work together to counter Chinese misinformation about Tibet’s history, advocate for the Tibetan people’s self-determination and encourage a continuity plan for the Dalai Lama’s successor,” Staten Island GOP Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, who was also on the trip, told The Post Friday.

McCaul, Meeks, Malliotakis, House Speaker emerita Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and other House members greeted officials from the Tibetan government-in-exile, which has had no relations with Beijing since 2010.

The Dalai Lama, 88, fled to Dharamshala after a failed uprising against China in 1959.

I need to to another Tibet article.

They were doing human sacrifice, cannibalism, slavery, then when China told them to stop doing that, they started doing terrorism.

The basic fact is that China liberated an enslaved race.

That’s what happened.

The facts are there. It’s not some CCP propaganda thing.

There are books written in the early 1900s, long before the CPC ever existed, which I’ve cited before (and will again but don’t feel like finding right now) where white spiritualists went to Tibet and documented the satanic rituals and cannibalism.

They are not “Buddhists.”

Doesn’t the fact that Arch-DEMON-RAT Pelosi is always at the head of these anti-China crusades make the conservatives wonder about their stupid Fox News conspiracy theory that China is working with the Democrat Party?

Like, is this designed to make it look like they’re not really working together? Is that the purpose? Does that make sense?

Her visit to Taiwan was a major historical milestone in the Joe Biden agenda to start some kind of war with the Chinese. I get that Fox News just doesn’t report about the fact that Trump was not sailing warships all around China, not flying potentially nuclear armed bomber jets through their territory, and that Biden is now doing that. But they all hear about this Pelosi stuff.

The Taiwan visit was a much bigger deal. But this is still just so obviously an attack on the Chinese in the most goofy, childish, disrespectful way imaginable.

Someone should ask Pelosi if she supports reinstating slavery in Tibet.