Stinkape Flood Incoming! Trump Aggressively Pushing H1-B “Reform” Now!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2020

Mood rn.

It’s almost as if Trump wants to lose in 2020.

I would call it self-sabotage, but we all know that this isn’t Trump’s idea. Talking Points USA and Chamber of Commerce shills wrote up the plan and Donald Trump just shrugged and went along with it.

According to Talking Points USA philosophy, dirking Indian immigrants who still live in India right now are Americans already if they believe in capitalism, but white Bernie Sanders supporters whose families have been here for hundreds of years are not actually Americans somehow.

But you can see all the poojeets (Trump’s natural base of support) celebrating in the comments.

And it literally is all poojeets. In contrast, the people who are opposed to this complete betrayal by Trumpstein have profiles with eagles, American flags or just selfies – in other words, regular MAGA folks.

I had no idea that Trump was trying to court the stinkape vote so aggressively.

This is the greatest gift that Trump could have given Pakistan and India. Now, they get to dump their human refuse in America and Americans have to grin and pretend that it’s “good for GDP!” while everything around them starts smelling like curry and BO.

IT was the one industry where high-IQ White kids could go and make decent money without having connections or coming from wealth. It was meritocratic and dynamic. Everyone under the sun has an opinion on the state of the IT industry now, but it’s clear as day that there isn’t any wage growth to speak of and that the model going forward is Silicon Valley aggressively replacing competent White workers with low-IQ, low-wage and low-caste Indians and Pakis.

Conservatives are not happy.

Everything is about to get a lot shittier in the industry – both literally and figuratively.

Forget about the demographic flood for a second and just think about how bad tech is going to get. It’s going to get so bad that people will remember the days of Tim “Rimjob” Cook fondly as a golden era of tech. That’s how bad things are about to get.

What else can I say except that this is exactly the kind of energy that Donald Trump needs going into 2020. I’m feeling energized. People are excited to cast their ballots for the GOP, lemme tell ya.