Strange: Armenia Officially Recognizes State of Palestine

Not sure exactly what game Armenia is playing here. I haven’t followed the recent details. I know they attempted to align with the United States, disengaged from Russia, then the United States immediately gave over a bunch of their land to another US ally, Azerbaijan, because they knew Russia was no longer interested in protecting them.

This was a “I left my wife for my secretary and then she looted my back account and fled the country” type situation.

I don’t know if this relates.


Armenia has officially recognised a Palestinian state, the Armenian foreign ministry said on Friday, the latest country to do so despite opposition from Israel.

Armenia supports a United Nations resolution on an immediate ceasefire in Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza and is in favour of a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a ministry statement said.

Israel’s foreign ministry summoned the Armenian ambassador ‘for a serious reprimand’ following Armenia’s recognition of a Palestinian state, a ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

Obviously, Russia is team Palestine, and the Armenian situation is defined by their relationships with Russia and America.

And obviously, America doesn’t want anyone recognizing Palestine. So is this a calculated move to move back towards Russia? Again, I would have to look into the way the situation has unfolded since their new friend Uncle Sam gave their land over to their blood enemies. I’m not doing that right now.

So, maybe this is a sign they’re moving back towards Russia, or maybe they’re just trying to be moral. If it’s the latter, then they’re retarded. If they wanted to be a moral country, they should have stayed with Russia, and kept their religion (and their land) instead of becoming a vassal of the Anal Empire in search of child tranny rimjobs on the greener grass.