United Airlines Kicks Texas Mother Off Plane for Pronoun Violation, Says They’re Banning Her for Life

These trannies are everywhere now. They’ve taken to the skies.

No one knows how to deal with them. Even people who will go around talking about how much they like trannies have no idea what to do when they come face-to-face with a real life tranny.

But we all have to do it now, and as much as the media talks about trannies and promotes them, there is no instruction manual about what you are supposed to do when you end up in an aggressive confrontation with one.

They are all aggressive, by the way. These trannies are everywhere and all of their interactions with other humans are aggressive.

New York Post:

A Texas woman traveling with her 16-month old son and mother claims she was kicked off her flight home on Wednesday after she accidentally misgendered a flight attendant.

Jenna Longoria, a women’s health and hormone expert from outside of Austin, was boarding her flight around 9 a.m. at San Francisco International Airport when she said she slipped up and addressed the United crew member by their wrong pronoun multiple times, she told The Post.

Look, not even hormone experts know what they’re supposed to do.

There is no manual, but if you do something wrong in your tranny interaction, even if you don’t understand what you did wrong, they will kick you off the plane and tell you to go rent a car if you want to go somewhere.

“When [the flight attendant], who identifies as a woman, gave me our boarding passes I said ‘thank you, sir.’ That is it. That is it,” Longoria, still confused over the incident, told The Post Wednesday night.

“She got upset. I walked to the plane to go down the aisle. Then she held my mother back and wouldn’t let her come with me [past the gate],” she said.

Yeah, that’s the other thing. Trannies are allowed to do whatever they want. They can assault or detain you, they can block your path.

So, they are invincible creatures, and they can do anything, but we’re not even allowed to know what we’re supposed to do when they get aggressive.

On board, she asked another male flight attendant for assistance, telling him that “he” — referring to the first flight attendant — had kept her mother, who had been helping her with her son, at the gate.

He said ‘he?’ and I said, ‘yeah.’ He then said ‘she’s wearing a dress,’” Longoria said.

Longoria, her son and mother were ultimately barred from getting on the plane, which departed with their luggage — and medications — still on board.

Yeah, and the trannies can just confiscate your possessions.

They can do whatever they want.

They’ll steal your clothes and your pills and if you complain then your situation gets even worse.

United told The Post in a statement that Longoria and her family were prohibited from boarding “following a discussion about having too many carry-on items” — which Longoria blasted as “an absolute lie.”

The mother documented the ordeal on her Instagram, where she posted a video of her speaking with a United official, whom she identified as Gabriella, who came to speak with them about the situation.

Gabriella told her that she had to get statements from witnesses to “fact find” but confirmed it was ultimately the captain’s call to have her kicked off which is “the end of the story,” the footage shows.

When Longoria pushed for further clarification, the United official explained she was being denied “for what came out of your mouth.”


That is aggressively language.

You could easily say “because of that thing you said,” but instead it’s because of “what came out of your mouth.” Like some creature crawled up out of your throat.

I need you to know that because of this verbal altercation that you had with my staff, you got yourself put off this craft,” she tells the family. “And it was confirmed by the captain. They heard it all.”

Longoria says Gabriella told her that they were likely going to be banned from flying on United as a result of the incident.

Yeah, they’ll just ban you from the skies.

When someone is obviously a man, we all instinctively say “sir” as the polite way to address the gentleman.

I guarantee this woman would have said “ma’am” if she had been handed a guidebook with her plane ticket, “how to interact with our trannies to prevent being severely punished.”

No one knows what they’re supposed to do.

It’s so funny to me that she tagged Elon Musk in her tweet complaining about this. Like, somehow, Elon is now the official arbitrator for tranny affairs. You can’t complain to the government because they will probably shoot your dog and arrest you, so you go to Elon Musk, like “hey Elon, I just got kicked off a plane by a tranny, can you fix this situation?”