Study Claims 73% of Australians Want Recognition for Aboriginals in Constitution

Daily Slave
March 29, 2015

White Australians of today owe Aboriginals nothing.

I’m not sure why such a large number of Australians would seek this other than them being indoctrinated with stupid Jew propaganda.  A nation state exists for the sole purpose of representing the interests of a single race of people.

White Australians built what Australia is today.  Aboriginal people did not build Australia and therefore need no special recognition.

London Guardian:

The vast majority of Australians believe that the constitution should be changed to recognise Indigenous people, and remove clauses that discriminate on the basis of race, a study by the Australian National University found.

The telephone survey of more than 1,200 people aimed to record public opinion on injustice and social disadvantage faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders.

It found that 82% of Australians supported the removal of clauses in the constitution that discriminate on race.

And 73%, or nearly three out of four Australians believe that Indigenous Australians deserve special reference in the preamble of the founding document.

Tanya Hosch, the campaign director of Recognise, which advocates on the recognition of Indigenous Australians, said that “the strong levels of support from Australians reflect what we have heard in our own extensive community engagement across the country in the past few years.

“Australians want to fix this lack of recognition and want to fix the race discrimination in our highest legal document.”

The prime minister, Tony Abbott, has indicated that he would hold a referendum on the issue in 2017, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders being counted in the census.