Syracuse University Students Petition School to Allow Them to Choose Race of Roommates!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2019

Honestly, on the face of it, racial segregation is not a bad idea.

I wonder why we haven’t considered it as a potential solution to the problems of race relations?

It has been done before.

We need to make sure to keep this positive development on the hush-hush, lest conservatives jump in and start demanding that the university blanda it up to prove that the liberals are the real racists.

The College Fix:

Diversity and inclusion isn’t going so well at Syracuse University.

In response to anti-black and anti-Asian graffiti found in a bathroom and bulletin board in a campus dorm last week, students are holding a sit-in and making several demands of the administration, according to The Daily Orange.

One of those demands: the ability to deny roommates based on their race.

It shows up as No. 6 on a poster in the Arch building where the sit-in is taking place, as documented by Daily staffer Casey Darnell, and No. 1 on the protester’s “long-term” demand list: “Agree to offer a ‘Same Race’ option for roommate selection on the housing application for all students.”

So basically, what you are telling me is that hate crimes pay off?

If we are to accept the premise that White students did the graffiti – WHICH I STRONGLY DOUBT – but OK, well then that seems to indicate that hate crimes lead to resegregation. Makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want to circle the wagons around your own when you feel endangered? And with all the diversity breaking off to be with itself, the Whites will be forced to seek their own company.

As a bonus, teachers – who are also victims in all this – will have an easier time teaching.

If we can get the Left to push for resegregation in the name of wokeness, that’d be pretty noice. I don’t see Whites getting their act together in time to do this on their own. Some help from the Left would be much appreciated in this endeavor.

Besides, the only “people” who want forced integration are the Jews, because they know it hurts both populations that are forced to engage in it.

Everyone else wants to be able to have their own spaces.

Of course, many of the colored races will use their own spaces as launch pads for raids against White people and will never swear off the gibs – we know that now. But any breather from the nonstop drive to put a nigger in every single White space would be very welcome.

I mean, not all of them are bad, I guess…

But we’ve all kinda had enough of them, you know?