Temple Manager from Kamala Harris’ Ancestral Indian Village Compares Her to a Horse

Joe Biden vowed to pick a black woman for VP.

Instead of picking a black woman, however, he picked an Indian woman with a disappearing black father. Kamala’s father “went out for a pack of smokes” when she was like 2 years old, so other than the genes, blackness has nothing to do with her.

She’s an Indian, and according to experts, she’s like a horse.


In a small south Indian village more than 8,000 miles (12,900 km) from Washington, residents are closely watching to see if U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris might replace Joe Biden in the upcoming election against Donald Trump.

In 2021, the leafy village of Thulasendrapuram, where Harris’s maternal grandfather was born more than a century ago, celebrated her inauguration with firecrackers, free chocolate, posters and calendars featuring the vice president.

Residents expected a visit, statement or at least a mention about the village, but that didn’t happen,” said G. Manikandan, a shopkeeper in Thulasendrapuram, where some 2,000 people live.

While the village may be disappointed it didn’t get a mention, S.V. Ramanan, who runs a temple to the family deity of Harris’ grandfather, was sympathetic, saying her family left Thulasendrapuram in the 1930s.

He said that as an American, Harris understandably might not be aware of the village’s excitement, comparing it to cheering for a horse race where the winning horse “doesn’t understand why you are shouting and why you are clapping”.

There are dark skinned Indians.

Look at baby Kamala with her mother:

There is no evidence she even had a disappearing black father. She could have made that up.

There is some guy from Jamaica who says he’s the father, but the point is: she looks 100% Indian.

Black people did not get excited about her at all, because nothing about her seems black. Probably, blacks don’t really like the idea of a woman leader. But they didn’t recognize or accept her as black. She also wasn’t even raised in America. She moved here from Canada when she was like 22 or something.

The bitch is more horse than human at this point.