“The Base”: FBI Informant Orders Synagogue Vandalism, FBI Agent Infiltrates Goat Sacrifice

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2020

Bro I’m cringing right now bro.

The six people arrested last week ahead of the rally in Virginia which is schedule to take place Monday were members of an alleged “White Supremacist” group called “The Base.” Their name is allegedly the English translation of “al-Qaeda.”

I had never heard of this group, but upon reading about them, understood they were a rebranding of Atomwaffen, a group totally crawling with feds (their leader openly declared that he was “happy to work with feds”). Atomwaffen was not a “White Supremacist” group, it was a group of satanists who pretended to be “White Supremacists” for the purpose of luring in people to commit acts of violence, which they believe give them satanic powers.

John Cameron Denton AKA “Rape,” leader of Atomwaffen, publicly stated that he had no issue working with feds.

Following the arrests, a report has come out in a local Milwaukee paper describing some of their recent activity, which includes a federal informant instructing them to attack synagogues and an undercover federal agent infiltrating a goat sacrifice.

One of the members of Atomwaffen, who murdered his roommates, had converted to Islam. It is part of the particular satanic doctrine that these people are involved in, known as the Order of Nine Angles, that it is good to join Islam, because, they say, Islam is satanic. That might be why one of the individuals named has an Islamic name.

Devon Arthurs, Atomwaffen member and satanic Islamist

Understand this: “The Base” is not a political organization, it is just a rebranding of Atomwaffen, which is a satanic death cult run by feds.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A 22-year-old Oak Creek man charged with vandalizing a Racine synagogue was arrested Friday as part of a nationwide investigation into The Base, a neo-Nazi, racially motivated extremist group, federal prosecutors announced Friday.

Yousef O. Barasneh spray-painted swastikas and anti-Semitic words on Beth Israel Sinai Congregation in Racine last September and plotted other acts of vandalism against minority residents with the hate group, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Court records indicate he was arrested Friday, but not that he had appeared in court. A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said it could not provide a booking photo, and Barasneh did not appear as a current inmate at the Milwaukee County Jail.

The FBI has been investigating the group for months and found it active in Wisconsin.

In June, recruitment flyers for the group were posted at Marquette University. The next month, the group had an armed training session in northern Wisconsin and posted photos to social media, court records say.

And the day before the Racine synagogue was vandalized, a synagogue in Michigan was tagged with similar racist graffiti.

According to court records:

One of the group’s ringleaders became an informant and gave investigators details over the past several months. The documents in Barasneh’s case do not name the person but note he has been federally charged in another state for his role.

The man admitted he directed the group to vandalize minority-owned properties, calling it “Operation Kristallnacht,” a reference to Nazi Germany and the night Jewish homes, hospitals and other properties were ransacked and destroyed.

The man told investigators he said: “If there’s a window that wants to be broken, don’t be shy.”

Just take a minute and consider your shock at learning that a federal informant was encouraging unhinged people to commit crimes in an internet chat room.

Also, please bookmark this story and post it whenever anyone claims that feds don’t actively send people into chat rooms to do exactly this.

He said a man known as Josef or Joseph in the group’s chat room later sent a message with a news article about the Racine synagogue vandalism and claimed credit for the damage.

The informant said he never met Barasneh in person.

Undercover agent joins group in Georgia

As part of the larger investigation, an undercover FBI agent got access to the members-only chat room and later participated in the group’s meeting in Silver Creek, Georgia.

Barasneh was seen going to and from that meeting, which included a goat sacrifice and training on firearms, grappling and basic medical training. Investigators got records from his hotel in Georgia and confirmed the SUV he was seen driving was his, even monitoring him in Wisconsin last week.

Barasneh was charged with one count of conspiring to violate citizens’ rights to use property free from threats and intimidation. If convicted, Barasneh faces a possible maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

His arrest was among at least six others in the U.S. Thursday and Friday of men authorities believe were advancing The Base’s goal of accelerating the collapse of the federal government, inciting a race war and establishing a white ethnostate, according to one agent’s affidavit.

In Maryland, authorities on Thursday arrested three men. ages 33, 27 and 19, living in Maryland and Delaware who were also purportedly members of the group. They were charged with weapons violations and with transporting and harboring an alien, as one of the men entered the U.S. from Canada illegally last summer.

Federal authorities said the men were discussing traveling to a pro-gun rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday and firing shots from different locations in hopes of creating chaos.

My gut feeling says that the only reason they were arrested ahead of the Virginia rally today is that the feds wanted to create headlines about the rally being a “White Supremacist” rally so that they can use that narrative when someone else does something like shoot randomly into the crowd to create chaos.

Though I suppose we will all know later today.

Atomwaffen was one of the groups promoting the book “Siege” in 2018 and calling for acts of terrorism.

They would often post images of this book next to naked pictures of their fat girlfriends, whose backs and legs they had scraped to draw blood as part of their… satanism, I guess.

Also, every member of the group, including the leader, was involved sexually with a tranny, which is apparently and not surprisingly also a part of satanic doctrine.

This might sound bizarre, but it’s all documented.

And you can see “goat sacrifice” in the article above. They also posted pictures of them sacrificing neighborhood cats.

If you want to learn more about this business, you can read a 2018 thread on it on Kiwi Farms.