The Fairest One of All? Disney Snow White Live Action Remake to Star Brown Latina

Disney is continuing its evil march of “live action” remakes of classic animated films – the latest that has been announced is Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

It stars Rachel Zegler, a gross brown person, in the titular role, Deadline reports.

How can she be Snow White if she’s Poop Brown?

It’s not logical.

On her Twitter account, you will find that she thinks this is funny.

And just so you understand that she is mocking you and your culture, and laughing that she is replacing you inside of your own culture, she clarified that she will not be bleaching her skin.

The story is literally about “whiteness.”

Snow White is “the fairest one of all.”

I suppose in a few more decades, this bitch will be the fairest one of all – because most all women are breeding with the blacks.