The Guardian Says Democracy Fails If People Have Free Access to Information

Okay, so…

If “democracy” can’t survive without mass internet censorship, then it seems to me that democracy is not a valid system.

The entire concept underlying modern democracy – which is universal suffrage democracy (as opposed to a traditional American-style system where only land-owners can vote) – is that every person in society, including even the blacks, are totally actualized human beings capable of absolute rationality.

If this is true – if the underlying premise of democracy is true – then obviously, these totally actualized beings can withstand any amount of “fake news,” “hate speech,” “disinformation,” and “Russian speech,” and cut to the core of the matter and make cold, hard decisions.

If the only way these citizens are capable of making decisions is if the government regulates their exposure to the free flow of information, then why on earth are they allowed to vote?

It. Does not. Make any sense.

Take your pick:

  • Either every individual is totally capable of analyzing information and drawing the most logical possible conclusions from it, or
  • Democracy is retarded.

If people are too stupid to figure out the basic facts of reality, and are like stupid babies who get confused by news stories that present conflicting ideas, then you need to stop democracy.

Hibaq Farah has another opinion, however, which is apparently more valid than my opinion, because in a democracy, diversity speaks.

Hibaq Farah

She writes for The Guardian:

Social media companies are not ready to tackle misinformation during elections due to take place around the world in 2024 because of language barriers, experts warn.

Global Coalition for Tech Justice, a movement of civil society leaders and survivors of tech harms, is calling on leading big tech companies, including Google, TikTok, Meta and X, to ensure that their platforms are equipped to protect democracy and safety during votes next year.

Oh, okay.

How about you suck my dick, Hibaq? How would you like that instead?

How about instead of protecting retarded genius (fully actualized) voters from the threat of open public dialogue, you protect my dick from sun exposure by putting your mouth around it?

In 2024, 2 billion people are due to vote in more than 50 elections, including in the US, India and the EU.

In July, the coalition asked Google, Meta, X, and TikTok to establish fully resourced election action plans, at the global and country levels, for the protection of freedoms, rights and user safety during the 2024 elections. Social media companies did not respond to this request to share their plans.

Here’s an action plan for you: open your mouth, because I’m putting my penis in it.

Bitch, we have a photo of you staring at an orb.

Hibaq Farah observing a shiny orb, paralyzed with confusion

Now shut the hell up. No one cares what a woman thinks, let alone some 64 IQ East African from a bullet-riddled mud shtetl.

Normal people see your dumb, dead eyes staring at an orb in total zombie-like languorousness, and they’re like “hey, you dumb nigger bitch – you know what’s way less confusing than a shinny orb? My dick in your mouth!”

The coalition had sought details of the number of employees and contractors for each language and dialect to ensure there is expertise on national and regional context for content moderation.

Experts warn that if platforms do not have strong election action plans, it could risk the integrity of elections and the safety of citizens.

Yeah, well – it sounds like we are just going to need to close the internet, because it is impossible to have an election if people have free access to information.

See: If Fake News is a Problem for Democracy, Then Democracy is a Problem

However, Hibaq Farah’s mouth will still have free access to my penis.

Katarzyna Szymielewicz, co-founder and president of Panoptykon Foundation – a Polish NGO that monitors surveillance technology – said that big tech companies could do more to ensure that content is moderated across languages.

“This is a big challenge for large platforms to do effective moderation in different cultural contexts, and the further from English language it gets, the more complicated it is.

“Moderation of sponsored content, or organic content to eliminate political violence, misogynist content, various types of abuse are not so obvious when you just look at the language … The platforms should try harder to address this and invest a lot more in humans who can moderate more effectively.”

Szymielewicz says that big tech platforms must de-amplify disinformation and hate by making their systems safe by design by default and not just during election periods. These include measures to suppress the algorithmic reach and visibility of disinformation and hate-spreading content, groups and accounts.

You know what’s a huge challenge, Katarzyna?

Fitting my huge penis inside of your pouty and overly ripe mouth. However, if you meet this challenge, it will solve the problem of words coming out of your filthy whore mouth, and save the world a lot of trouble.

Katarzyna Szymielewicz

It will also solve the problem of Hibaq writing articles in The Guardian, as she will need to focus all her time of figuring out how to remove my penis from your mouth, so it can be inserted into back hers.

It’s really a win-win for the entire human species.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that’s what democracy was all about.