They’re Not Going to Talk About Plastics and What They’re Doing to You

I’ve been pressing Greta on the plastic issue. She has a tweet about it from 2018. But she has not really mentioned it since, other than offhanded comments.

You can’t actually see plastic, by the way. Not the plastic that is a threat to your health. A plastic bottle in the river or ocean is gross to look at, but that’s not the problem. The problem is that those bottles leak microscopic pieces of plastic into the water, and those pieces go inside of your body. Once they are inside of your body, your body believes they are estrogen. They act, inside of your body, as an estrogen.

This causes all types of problems.

Most obviously, it causes men to start behaving like they’ve been injected with estrogen. You see that everywhere, of course – “masculinity” is almost nonexistent in the modern world. This is really the primary reason why modern men are so cowardly, weak, fat, and weird-looking.

It changes men’s bodies, which changes their spirits. They become pathetic cowards with low morality and no fighting spirit. It’s also associated with a lack of a belief in God.

We know that God tells us to seek the truth, and if you know the truth about plastic, PFAS, and other petrochemical endocrine disruptors, you start avoiding it.

The information is very available. This page from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences is written at a 3rd grade level, and explains all the basics.

You can’t avoid all of it. You’ll never be the man your grandfather was.


Unless you want to go live in the woods – like, for real – you’re always going to be invaded by some of these chemicals. But there is an entire list of things you can do to avoid them, which most men won’t do.

This is why you have all of this anger and aggression from modern men. They are emotionally unstable. The ones who try to act masculine think that means acting out in an emotionally unhinged way.

It’s virtually impossible to even deal with. These men act like such faggots. You can’t even have male friends; they want you to coddle them emotionally.

They act like women. They look like mutants.

Most men want to relate to other men like women relate to each other. All my male friends are lunatic bodybuilders obsessed with avoiding endocrine disruption. I can call them faggots and speak my mind straightforwardly and they will be like “alright, bro.” The other men I’ve interacted with throw emotional fits and hold grudges and don’t speak their mind freely. It becomes impossible to form normal male bonds.

We are in an absolute crisis here. It’s spiritual, but the body and the soul are in a very important relationship with each other. We believe this in Christianity.

You need to take this seriously.

The Guardian:

About 90% of water samples taken over the last 10 years from the Great Lakes contain microplastic levels that are unsafe for wildlife, a new peer-reviewed paper from the University of Toronto finds.

About 20% of those samples are at the highest level of risk, but the study’s authors say the damage can be reversed if the US and Canada quickly act.

Ninety per cent is a lot,” said Eden Hataley, a University of Toronto researcher and study co-author. “We need to answer some basic questions by monitoring … so we can quantify risks to wildlife and humans.”

The Great Lakes provide drinking water to over 40 million people in the US and Canada, hold about 90% of the US’s freshwater, and are home to 3,500 species of plants and animals.

Though myriad microplastic sources exist, wastewater treatment plants seem to be a major Great Lakes basin contributor, as they are elsewhere, Hataley said. Pollution from microfibers that come off clothing in washing machines are thought to be another common source, as are preproduction plastic pellets used in manufacturing. She noted concerning levels of microplastics have been found in sport fish consumed by humans and beer brewed with Great Lakes water.

But the consequences for human health are unknown, Hataley said.

We know we are being exposed, but what that means in terms of harm or what’s a safe level – we have no idea, and that’s going to take more research,” she said.

This is a very, very real environmental crisis.

Aside from the effects on men’s emotions, it’s dropping the sperm. It’s also obviously related to cancers. And the fact that it makes men fat (at least by their early to mid-30s) causes every other negative health outcome. It’s also almost certainly affecting IQ.

And we haven’t even said what it does to women. I’m not going into that now, but briefly, it’s why women are fat and aggressive. The endocrine system is a delicate balance. Anyone who has been around steroids knows this – if you inject testosterone, your body overcompensates by producing extra estrogen. Just so, women flooded with estrogen will end up producing extra testosterone. Western women are also literally taking estrogen pills, in the form of “birth control,” so they’ve got all kinds of problems, and have literally been driven over the edge by these disruptions (women are not emotionally stable to begin with).

I’ve published guides on how to avoid these disruptors as best as possible while living in the modern world. You can go find those. But it’s probably time to do it again, and maybe put it in the sidebar. I think I talk too much about the Ukraine war, and not enough about what men should be doing for themselves.

You know: I’ve been cursed to see everything as it is. This would sound like a blessing, but it’s really not. Anyway, I am not a genius. I’m just able to see the truth of things. So I can comment on anything, and I get distracted and want to talk about the wars or the politics. I think I should write about those things, but probably, priority should come to giving people information about things they can actually do something about.

The hormone problem is something you can do something about. Food, water, soap, perfume, deodorant, beer, receipts – all these things are polluting you (pornography/chronic masturbation is also destroying your hormone system, by the way, and not exercising is not helping either). You can cut it in half rather easily. And then with some effort, you can cut the remaining 50% in half. Ideally, you want to get your exposure down to 15% of the average freak, and then overcome that 15% by doing things that increase testosterone (getting enough sun, retaining semen, doing strength training).

Again, you could find this information yourself. But I will put it together for you. I will build the ultimate guide.