Thin and Healthy-Looking Sports Manager Dies at 47 for No Reason

Do you remember fit-looking, healthy professionals with no history of cancer or chronic disease dying at 47 in the world before the vaccine? I certainly don’t.

New York Post:

Jason Jenkins, the Dolphins’ senior vice president of communications and community affairs, died Saturday, the team announced at halftime of its preseason game against the Eagles. He was 47.

The cause of death is not known. The Palm Beach Post reported Jenkins died after “a medical emergency.”

The guy looks fine to me.

They’re not listing any history of disease or any “battle” with anything. It was just a sudden death for no reason.

A fair amount of these people that are suddenly dying for no reason are black, but blacks have poorer cardiovascular outcomes in general. They weren’t keeling over at 47, however. Even black crackheads don’t die at 47. If he was 57 and obese, okay – then you would say “yeah, blacks have higher rates of heart complications.”

But right now, the blacks having higher rates of heart complications seems to mean they’re just more likely to die from the vax.

At this point, it is also worth noting: time doesn’t seem to be making these people less likely to die from the vax. If anything, more people are dying. The further away from the vax you are, the more likely you are to die.

Everyone who took this vax is a dead man walking.

Lots of these vaxers are getting shook.

I can’t wait until they all die, and there’s nothing left on earth but right-wing extremists and QAnon kooks. There will still be a lot of blacks, but at that point, we can just reinstate segregation or maybe just outright slavery.