This Joe Rogan Show with Tim Dillon is Pretty Edgy, Actually

Joe Rogan is back on YouTube. I was on a Joe Rogan blackout, because I refuse to use Spotify. I don’t even have a cellphone anymore. I had this Chinese tablet thing with Android you could run the apps on, which I could carry around like a phone and answer messages on WiFi, but I dropped it in a hotel bathtub. I put it in rice and it didn’t work. (These things happen.) I don’t really miss people being able to contact me when I’m out. I think, in fact, people being able to contact you when you’re out is a hellish proposal. Plus, I’m on a computer all day long, I don’t need a screen with me when I’m rambling.

Before that whole Spotify thing, I used to listen to the Joe Rogan podcast semi-regularly. I think the podcast is still unavailable without the app (Spotify didn’t pay him $100 million for nothing), but he’s on YouTube.

I just watched his interview with Tim Dillon from earlier this week. I really enjoyed it. Mostly in the way I would enjoy a Chevy Chase film. Not quite in the way I would enjoy a John Hughes film. The only thing I enjoy more than a John Hughes film is driving a motorcycle really fast while intoxicated and maybe some other ridiculous, stupid, dangerous behavior, like playing with firearms and pretending I never took gun safety with a friend who legit never took gun safety. The podcast is not meaningful political content, but entertainment. But there is political commentary you could make about it.

There were some pretty interesting bits. Joe is either going in a really good direction, or Tim Dillon has the ability to bring out the best in him. There were a lot of good bits. Tim Dillon is an incredibly talented fat Irish slob. Like the best of our people, he rides the edge to the point where you feel like he could just go ahead and jump off at any point.

Some of the stuff was really quite shocking to me. The most notable was probably the Kanye commentary. At one point, Joe says something (paraphrasing): “He says all this crazy stuff, but then he’ll like, pull out facts. Like one time he pulled out this chart that showed that Jewish people control basically all of the media, and it’s like, well, I don’t know what to say about that.” He didn’t say anything about it, but then added “I don’t know, maybe they’re just good at it?”

Dillon said: “Israel canceled their pride parade this year. Yeah. It was something with yellow on the flag for the hostages. Also, they needed the material they were going to use for the parade to massacre children in Gaza. You know, the fireworks and stuff, they needed that to make bombs to kill kids.”

The fact that the Jews are now on the table for discussion on Joe Rogan is something new, and it makes me feel new. It makes me feel so fresh and so clean, clean.

There are several other interesting segments. They did a bit about how abstract art is a money laundering scam. I’ve written quite a bit about that, but you know, I’ve written… quite a bit. I don’t expect anyone has read everything I’ve written. I certainly haven’t. So that part might be educational for people.

They also do a big Pizzagate bit. Among several other edgy bits.

But in general, it felt like I was listening to two of my readers have a conversation, while also trying to keep things from violating ToS.

If I was goign to recommend it (which I’m not sure I would do), it would be because it shows how much the line has been crossed in mainstream media, and because it’s entertaining (Dillon is so quick it’s monstrous). The man is a monster.

By the way, at one point, in reference to Jews, he says our kin don’t dominate any industries. I think we do dominate comedy. And alcoholism and domestic violence (though those are not positive activities). But all the great comics are Irish. There are a few funny Jews (Woody Allen and Larry David are funny), I guess, but the fact that there are so many Jewish comedians and comic writers is just because the entire entertainment industry is run by Jewish nepotism. There are some funny blacks. But the Irish dominate. I don’t like George Carlin, and in fact think the world would be a better place if his alcoholic father had accidentally beat him all the way to death. But he’s at the top of most comedy lists. Personally, I think Norm MacDonald actually was the funniest comedian ever. I know people like to point out that Louis CK is a quarter Jewish, but he’s also half Irish. There are a lot I won’t mention who were very popular but who embarrass me. Shane Gillis is currently dominating.

I guess I shouldn’t say it, but I will because it’s true: there’s no living writer funnier than me.

There is a limits-pushing and self-destructiveness inherent in the Irish that makes us very good comedians (as well as terrorists and other criminals). It can be good or bad. But Tim should be pumping us up. We need to start pumping each other up if we are ever going to establish an Irish-dominated global order.

So, whatever. I thought it was worth sharing. I was going to write about the potato-faced Irish moron Piers Morgan (who also is constantly pushing limits in a bizarre way where he isn’t aware he’s doing it) interviewing Kevin Spacey and then doing a psycho six-man panel debate with D-list internet celebrities about the interview. I’m 100% team Spacey, by the way. He might be a homo, but he was one of the good ones (closeted). And he’s been to a criminal and civil trial and been proved innocent of all the charges. I’m for Taliban style rule in America, but I’m also for truth and justice. I don’t believe in this bullshit of “well, he’s gay so I support the Jewish media making up stupid lies about him and ruining his life.” It’s the same thing with Harvey Weinstein (who, by the way, was defended on the Joe and Tim Podcast), Hunter Biden, whoever. You have to believe in truth and justice. Supporting your enemies lying and destroying people you don’t like is retard-tier.

I should write more in this section. But I feel like taking a water bottle full of Beefeater and riding the metro around aimlessly, listening to the Doobie Brothers on my iPod and watching the people.

I want to understand them better. The people.

It’s important to me, moving forward, to understand the people.

The best way to understand them is to watch them. It’s more useful even than talking to them. Especially for me, because when I talk to people, there’s a 100% chance I’m going to say something fucked up within the first five minutes (more likely in the first two) and ruin the whole dynamic, making the entire conversation about the person trying to understand me rather than the other way around. I have little interest in people understanding me. I am a vessel of the Lord. An imperfect one, but nonetheless, it is the purpose of my existence.

It doesn’t matter who I am.

What matters is my plan.


Yes, I know Tim Dillon says he’s gay. It’s pretty obviously a bit. There is no evidence for it, he doesn’t act gay, and it allows him to get away with stuff he wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to get away with. MILO has been lying about being Jewish for like, 15 years, so this is not unprecedented.