Israel: Cops Attack Orthodox Jews Rioting Against Military Service Order

These Orthodox Jews might start doing terrorism.

This was poorly planned.


Thousands of Jewish ultra-Orthodox men clashed with Israeli police in central Jerusalem on Sunday during a protest against a Supreme Court order for them to begin enlisting for military service.

The landmark decision last week ordering the government to begin drafting ultra-Orthodox men could lead to the collapse of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing coalition as Israel wages war in Gaza.

Tens of thousands of men rallied in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood to protest the order. But after nightfall, the crowd made its way toward central Jerusalem and turned violent.

Israeli police said protesters threw rocks and attacked the car of an ultra-Orthodox Cabinet minister, pelting it with stones. Water cannons filled with skunk-scented water and police mounted on horses were used to disperse the crowd. But the demonstration was still not under control late Sunday.

I give Bibi credit for the boldness of his whole “a seven nation army can’t hold me back” worldview, but there are a lot of holes in this plan.

People are fleeing the country, the Orthodox are rioting, you’ve got a Jew-on-Jew BLM type situation…

Not good, Bibi.

Not good.