Three Columbia University Deans Placed on Leave for Sharing Antisemitic Texts

It’s really incredible the way the donor class is willing to exercise their power over universities in such a public, Jewish way.

There is nothing more true than: “the leading cause of antisemitism is semitism.”

I would go so far as to say it is the only cause.

New York Post:

Three Columbia University deans have been “permanently removed” from their posts for sharing “very troubling” texts that “disturbingly touched on ancient antisemitic tropes,” school officials said Monday.

The three administrators — Susan Chang-Kim, Matthew Patashnick and Cristen Kromm — have been on leave since last month since it emerged they’d been involved in the disparaging text exchange that unfolded during a panel discussion about antisemitism on campus.

Susan Chang-Kim

Matthew Patashnick

Cristen Kromm

“This incident revealed behavior and sentiments that were not only unprofessional, but also, disturbingly touched on ancient antisemitic tropes,” Columbia president Minouche Shafik said in a statement.

“Whether intended as such or not, these sentiments are unacceptable and deeply upsetting, conveying a lack of seriousness about the concerns and the experiences of members of our Jewish community that is antithetical to our university’s values and the standards we must uphold in our community.”

Provost Angela Olinto said that “the three staff members involved have been permanently removed from their positions at Columbia College and remain on leave at this time.” It was not immediately clear what their current status was on staff.

Josef Sorett, another dean who was also involved in the text exchange, will remain in his post but will publicly apologize for his role in the ordeal, Shafik added.

The developments come weeks after images of the group chat emerged publicly after being captured by an alumnus sitting in the crowd during the May 31 panel about Jewish life on campus.

The group had exchanged the messages — including one featuring a vomiting face emoji — as speakers discussed the impact that rising antisemitism stoked by Israel’s war against Hamas has had on the Ivy League’s Jewish students and faculty.

I’m thinking the Jews might be overplaying their hand here a bit, no?