Tomi [sic] Lahren Looks Like a Smooshed Pile of Dog Shit

Remember this face? From the 2016 election? It was all over Fox News. You remember it. If you’re over 50, you were probably thinking “that’s a naughty little girl, I think I’d like to spank her little behind!” If you’re under 50, you were probably thinking “why is Fox News bringing on a porno movie women as an expert commentator?”

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Remember Tomi [sic] Lahren?

She was a leading figure of the “Bimbos for Trump” movement in 2016. She was a 22-year-old sex kitten purposefully done up to look like a porno film actress and was heavily featured on Fox News as – wait for it – an expert commentator. She was then given her own show by “The Blaze.”

Just so you understand – I just want everyone to be perfectly clear about what was going on here – these are the kinds of photos she was posting on her social media in 2016:

You probably haven’t heard about her in a while, and that’s because she looks like a pile of dog shit.

Yeah, she’s uh… not 22 anymore. She’s 31 and she looks like a tranny. Life comes at you fast.

You see, this is the problem with women. With the help of a lot of makeup, they are attractive when they are young, and then they stop being attractive rather rapidly. What’s worse, white women all end up looking like trannies. At least American white women. (If you do 15 minutes’ worth of research into what a “birth control pill” actually is, you’ll get your explanation for that one. That’s for another article.) Look at that face. No one wants to say it, but I’ll say it: I’ve seen trannies that looked better. If you had never seen that woman and I told you that was a tranny, you would not question it.

This “Tomi” bitch was the talk of the town. So much so that you half-expected that when you were leaving Chipotle, you’d see her pull up and get out of the back of a limo in a top hat twirling a cane like the Monopoly Man.

Now she’s nowhere and nothing. I only found out about her because I clicked on a Piers Morgan stream. He’s been doing a bit where he brings on D-list internet celebrities to yell at each other. It’s entertainment on about the same level as “The Naked Gun” films. The aged “Tomi” appeared with lispy rat “Destiny” and some much better looking old Filipina slut I did not recognize.

I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling in that Chinese blouse. We know you’re Filipina, babe. It’s fine. You’re on the screen next to “Tomi,” you’re going to look great no matter what.

It’s no secret that old women look like shit and no one wants to have sex with them (save possibly the same sickos having sex with trannies, because it is literally the same thing).

This whole idea of bringing in 22-year-old porno sluts to comment on politics is grotesque in a particularly American way.

I remember when rapper 50 Cent invented vitamin water. He said: “I’m taking vitamins, I’m drinking water – so why not put the vitamins in the motherfucking water?”

At first glance, this is the same logic as “men like watching porno, they like watching the news – so why not put porno women on the motherfucking news?”

But it’s not the same logic. This latter logic is more like a Palestinian saying “I like playing soccer, I like throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, so why not play soccer with a rock?”

You can’t just mix any two things together because you enjoy them both.

Just imagine the reverse: imagine they had pornos where the man is a Republican and the woman is a Democrat and they debate gun control as they rut. I would argue that this would actually make more sense and would be less viscerally offensive than having porno women on the news. Because, let’s be real here: the implication Fox News was making was “you can jack-off to this news show.” This was especially true when The Blaze gave her her own show, because then it was just: this woman, her tits, and the news.

“She’s got her own show now, so you can masturbate while getting informed about the issues without the risk of accidentally ejaculating when Greg Gutfeld is on screen.”

Tomi [sic] Lahren was not a news reader. That would be one thing, but Fox News doesn’t even have that feature. She was (and based on my research, apparently still is) a “news commentator.”

I don’t want 22-year-old bimbos commenting on the news. A 22-year-old woman can’t even drive a car or cook pancakes. Why would anyone think I care about their opinions on politics?

I want 75-year-old men with distinguished professional careers commenting on my news.

Either that, or fat Irish retards.

This whole thing with women just has to stop.

It’s gone far enough.

Men should not be constantly baited into sexual arousal everywhere they turn. It’s not fair.

Men don’t really understand what is happening, because they don’t break it down to the basic level. They see a sexy woman, presenting herself in an available manner, and the chemicals in their brain turn on and the brain says: “Yo bro, look – it’s an attractive woman and she’s presenting herself as sexually available.” The subconscious mind doesn’t understand what TV is, what the internet is, it doesn’t understand what billboards are. When you see sexy billboards, the subconscious mind believes an available woman is gazing at you, longingly. When you are watching a sexy woman on TV talking and giggling, the subconscious mind believes there is a woman in the room with you, presenting herself to you. The brain chemicals tell the subconscious mind: “Go, go, go! This is an open opportunity for reproduction, baby!”

However, living in a society like this, where sexual imagery is literally everywhere, you become desensitized to it. If a man from Afghanistan saw a 50-foot half naked woman on a billboard, he would immediately get an erection, because he isn’t used to seeing it. We are all so used to seeing it, that it is mundane, and just causes a kind of dull sexual frustration, which results in various psychological complexes.

Men should be calling for an end to women in public. It should be as obvious of an issue as immigration, gun rights, trannies, turbo diesel powered trucks, or any other issue that normal men tend to agree on. But no one talks about it because they were born into it and they don’t understand what is happening. Western men believe that it simply the nature of reality that you are in a constant state of nagging sexual frustration.

I’m here to tell you, my dearest brothers: there is a better way.