Top IDF Generals Approve Plans to Attack Lebanon as Hezbollah Drones Rape Iron Dome

Called it.

Times of Israel:

The head of the IDF’s Northern Command Maj. Gen. Ori Gordin and head of the Operations Directorate Maj. Gen. Oded Basiuk approved Lebanon battle plans today, the military says.

In a statement, the IDF says the generals held an assessment, during which “operational plans for an offensive in Lebanon were approved.”

The top commanders also made decisions regarding “accelerating the readiness of the forces on the ground,” the military adds.

Kinda feel like I said everything about this already.

And I can’t think of a rap about it. And it’s Rap Wednesday.

Pretty big news, obviously, though sort of not, because I have already been saying it was going to happen for like, 7 months.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this article.