Top Rabbi Calls on Jews to Flee Russia Before They Start Getting Blamed for Ukraine War

It’s cool that Jews have framed this persecution narrative as such that whenever they are about to get attacked for things they actually did, they can say “hey, fellow Jews – they’re about to start blaming us for these very specific things that we did not do.”

It’s very cool and very convenient.

The Guardian:

Moscow’s exiled chief rabbi says Jews should leave Russia while they still can, before they are made scapegoats for the hardship caused by the war in Ukraine.

“When we look back over Russian history, whenever the political system was in danger you saw the government trying to redirect the anger and discontent of the masses towards the Jewish community,” Pinchas Goldschmidt told the Guardian. “We saw this in tsarist times and at the end of the Stalinist regime.”

“We’re seeing rising antisemitism while Russia is going back to a new kind of Soviet Union, and step by step the iron curtain is coming down again. This is why I believe the best option for Russian Jews is to leave,” he added.

Goldschmidt resigned from his post and left Russia in July after refusing to back the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Pressure was put on community leaders to support the war and I refused to do so. I resigned because to continue as chief rabbi of Moscow would be a problem for the community because of the repressive measures taken against dissidents,” he said.

Russia’s Jews have been emigrating in their tens of thousands during the past 100 years, first to Europe and the Americas and more recently to Israel. According to the 1926 census there were 2,672,000 Jews in the then Soviet Union, 59% of them in Ukraine. Today only about 165,000 Jews remain in the Russian Federation out of a total population of 145 million.

Goldschmidt said he believed that since the war began, 25% to 30% of those who remained had left or were planning to do so, although there were now few flights out of Moscow and the price of a flight to Tel Aviv had quadrupled to about $2,000 (£1,625).

He said a large part of the Jewish community in Ukraine had also left and were now refugees in Germany, Austria and Romania.

Ukraine has a long history of antisemitism from pogroms at the end of the 19th century to facilitating Nazi massacres during the second world war. The most notorious of these was the murder of 33,000 Jews at Babi Yar in Kyiv in 1941.


Actually, the country is totally run by the Jews. It’s not just their supreme leader that is Jew. The whole government is Jewish. The reason the Jews left is that they are force-conscripting people to send them to the front lines. They are literally going to night clubs and grabbing people and forcing them into the military.

At the beginning of the conflict, men were not allowed to leave – unless they could prove they were Jewish. This was literally a government policy. Shockingly, it did not get much media coverage, but when the topic was brought up, media people would say “haven’t the Jews suffered enough?”

This is the way they think.

Given this history, Goldschmidt said it was remarkable that Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who made no secret of his Jewishness, was elected Ukraine’s president with more 70% of the vote.

That fact made a nonsense of Vladimir Putin’s claim that Ukraine was being governed by neo-Nazis, the rabbi said. “Show me another country that is in the grip of Nazis where the Jewish community is thriving.

Are they fleeing persecution, or are they thriving?

Also: the Jews are always connected to neo-Nazis. Neo-Nazism is mostly a Jewish thing, actually. It is always a creation of the Jew media, but it is also usually run by the Jews. All of the current-day neo-Nazi cults in America are run by the FBI as part of an ADL program.

Jews are completely responsible for the Ukraine war. Every person involved is Jewish.

The President of the Ukraine.

The US Secretary of State.

The woman who planned the Maidan and is now running the war from the State Department.

The top US politicians shilling it.

Hollywood actors.

The entire media.

It’s all nothing but Jews. It is even more Jewish that the war on Iraq, which was literally a war for Israel.

It’s a Jew overload. I’m not aware of anyone significantly involved in promoting this war who is not Jewish or working directly for Jews.

So yes, it makes sense that Russians might end up “blaming” the Jews for something they are responsible for.

And before someone says “oh well, those are just Jewish leaders – the average Jew isn’t responsible!” That would be true if it were true, but it’s literally not true. Go ask an “average Jew” what he thinks of the Ukraine war. He will likely not only tell you he supports it, but will start talking about what he is doing to promote it.

Jews hate Russians. It’s a deeply-rooted ethnic hatred that transcends politics.

Talking about “anti-Semitism” as some kind of mysterious hatred that exists for no reason is total lunacy, and anyone who takes this seriously is not a serious person.

“Anti-Semitism” is a response to Semitism.