Trannies Attack Feminists at Rally Opposing Child Mutilation in Tacoma

This is what a normal society looks like

These days, everything is extremely normal.

It’s pretty much just exactly like the 1990s, or even the 1980s.

I wake up every morning and check the news and say to myself “wow – I can’t believe how normal this all is! This is just like the 1990s!”

Life Site News:

A women’s rally was shut down after pro-transgender activists repeatedly interrupted the event, attacking and injuring at least one participant.

The “Let Women Speak” rally was held October 26 in Tacoma, Washington. Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull, a women’s activist in the U.K., hosted the event with the purpose of reclaiming women’s voices from the transgender and gender ideology movement.

We’ve written about this TERF before

“Women are being silenced through tech, so we’re taking our voices back to the public square,” Keen-Minshull told Fox News in an interview. “Many of those women [who attended] lost their jobs, they lost their livelihoods, they might have lost their children to this pernicious cult of transgenderism, and they just want to talk about it.”

However, the event was met with hostility from those with opposing views. Participants moved to another part of the location because of the noise created by trans activists, and then ended the event following multiple acts of violence.

According to the women’s rights activist, one of the participants “got her fingers crushed by a man’s bare hands. He literally got her hand in his and crushed it and broke her fingers.” A video posted on Twitter by Andy Ngo shows two young men target a woman in a crowd. They both ran away when the victim screamed and others came to her aid.

One counter-protestor approached from behind and was intercepted before attacking the speaker.

“If there are any police here, there’s a man in a yellow hat who says he’s going to f*** kill someone,” Keen-Minshull says in a video obtained by the Post Millennial. During her closing remarks, she also asked supporters to donate to the “Let Women Speak” campaign in order to provide security measures at future events.

“After an assault, threat to kill, and the police refusing to attend, the only option was to end the event,” Keen-Minshull posted on Twitter.

According to a statement from the Tacoma Police Department to the Daily Wire, local law enforcement “had officers on scene monitoring the event. Police responded to calls from victims wanting to report a crime. This included a victim who reported an assault and damage to a cell phone. An arrest was made of a 27-year-old male, and the suspect was booked into jail.”

During her interview with Fox News, Keen-Minshull described gender ideology and transgenderism as a “dishonest narrative that anybody can choose their biological sex.”

“I don’t know how much worse it can get; you’ve got male rapists in women’s prisons,” she said when asked where she expected the movement to lead in the future. “I think people across the country have got to wake up pretty damn quick, join their school boards, and start talking about this to anybody and everybody as much as humanly possible to try and stop it.”

“The broken bodies of children cannot be repaired once they start on this journey of puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgeries.”

“I’m far more afraid of the things that are happening than the consequences to me personally,” she added. “Staying silent is really not an option anymore. I would be much more afraid of doing that.”

I like her.

Well, I might not go so far as to say I “like” a woman. But she actually believes in something and she fights for it, which is more than I can say about most people on this earth.

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Here’s a longer video from the thing