Trump: No Wall But at Least the Stock Market is Doing Well!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2020

Donald Trump needs a serious kick in the rear to get his butt in gear going into 2020. Talking about stock market highs is NOT a winning strategy and yet that is all that Orange Cheeto Hitler does.

First of all, you have to be over 50 to care about the stock market.

Literally no one has any capital to speak of except wealthy Boomers and maybe IT people in Silicon Valley with stock options. And yet, this is the only tangible benefit of the Trump presidency – all-time stock market highs.

Now, a lot of people think that the election is in the bag because the Democrats are so crazy and their candidates are so uncharismatic and unappealing.

However, Ann Coulter (who called 2016 before anyone else did) and some other conservative voices are starting to voice their concern that this election is NOT as in the bag as we thought.

Ann Coulter is right to point out that Trump won by 80,000 votes across 4 states and that the Democrats won’t be caught sleeping this time and huge demographic changes are already being felt across the country.

Furthermore, not everyone who voted for Donald Trump is a lead-poisoned Boomer MIGA enthusiast – a lot of people voted for the GOP for the very first time because of Trump’s populist program, which he failed to enact, and not because of his cult of personality. Getting the elderly evangelical vote locked down is nice and all, but what about everyone else?

Now, will disaffected Trump supporters vote for the crazy Democrats? No, probably not. But man, is it really such a stretch to think that they might just go to McDonalds and have a Big Mac alone at home on election day?

This is a serious concern that Trump needs to address if he wants to win.

And again, people who voted for Trump are not going to switch to voting for Bernie or Warren because of his bizarre Middle East foreign policy or his failure to secure the border – but they sure as hell won’t be knocking on doors gathering votes, making memes and getting their friends to show up and vote for Trump.

But it is not all bad.

Donald Trump finally has a green light from the courts to ahead and build the Wall like he promised.

Needless to say, finally starting work on new mile of Wall would be a yuuuge white pill and a great motivator for his base. But now that we know that the POTUS does not know how to use the internet, our only hope is for Tucker to start demanding that he build the Wall #400 miles immediately.

Nothing else seems to get through to Trump. 

We just have to face facts here, folks. Boomers don’t use the internet and are therefore totally immune to online suggestions or criticisms or meme campaigns. When we finally get a presidential candidate below the tender age of 60, this might change, but it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. If anything, the first internet-candidate will be a Reddit user, so things will actually get worse.

Obama was arguably a proto-Reddit president.

There has never been such a big disconnect between such a large swath of the population and the geriatrics who rule over them and this is a huge source of frustration for many.

I have no idea what a NASDAQ even is, but apparently it’s very important to pensioners. Go figure.

To me and my kind though, Internet censorship is far more important an issue – but I’ll be waiting another 20 years before the first 4chan candidate makes his grand debut, and by then it will already be too late. In the meantime, I would gladly settle for another 4 years of Trump shitposting on Twitter as we quietly slide into the era of the Doomer.

But for that, Orange Cheeto Hitler needs to get his act together and not drop the ball in 2020.