Tunisians Protest Against Blacks Flooding Their Country

Irrational hatred for the color of the skin reaches Tunisia

Blacks have it really rough, man.

They can’t go anywhere in the world without all people irrationally hating them because of the color of their skin.

What a horrible tragedy.


Hundreds of Tunisians marched through the streets of Jebeniana on Saturday to protest the presence of sub-Saharan migrants who have found themselves stranded as the country ramps up border patrol efforts.

Stranded? Like, the Tunisian government is preventing them from returning to their home countries?

Because that’s what “stranded” implies.

Anti-migrant anger is mounting in impoverished towns like Jebeniana along the Tunisian coastline that have emerged as a launchpad for thousands of people hoping to reach Europe by boat.

Oh, I see.

They could go home to their own countries, but they are “stranded” from entering Europe.

If the AP is going to change the meaning of words, they should provide a note.

Chanting slogans to oppose settling migrants in Tunisia, protesters demanded the government act to assist agricultural communities dealing with thousands of migrants living in tarpaulin encampments among their olive groves.

“You brought them here and it’s your responsibility to send them back to their home countries,” Moamen Salemi, a 63-year old retiree from nearby El Amra, said at the protest. “There is a shortage of food throughout the city of El Amra, including sugar, flour, bread and many other items.”

There is no need for all these details.

You can just scream “NIGGERS OUT.”

Everyone on earth understands what that means.

A final stop for many who dream of a better life in Europe, Jebeniana and El Amra reflect the compounding problems facing Tunisia, a key transit point for migrants from Syria, Bangladesh and a variety of sub-Saharan African nations.

Law enforcement has expanded its presence in the two agricultural towns, where roughly 83,000 Tunisians live among a growing number of migrants from around the world.

Protesters say they have borne the cost of Tunisia’s effort to prevent migrants from reaching the European Union less than a year after the country brokered an anti-migration pact with the 27-country bloc to better police its sea border and receive more than $1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in aid.

The Tunisian Coast Guard has said it has prevented more than 21,000 migration attempts by land or sea this year. Fewer than 8,000 successfully traveled by boat from Tunisia to Italy in the first four months of 2024, a threefold decrease from 2023, according to the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR.

Well. It’s not ending.

This was always a plan to bury white people. If there wasn’t a plan to bury white people, they never would have started this mass migration program in the first place. It doesn’t alleviate Third World poverty at all. No one thinks it does that.

The whole thing just got a little bit out of control, and there was a threat of serious race riots, so the program has slowed.

That sucks for Tunisia, but their government shouldn’t have been complicit in this in the first place.

Video from the riots in Sfax last year