Some Boeing Planes’ Fuel Tanks Could Explode Due to Design Flaw, FAA Says

It’s going to be so funny when one of these planes finally has a very serious disaster and everyone dies and the media has to look around to try to find something to blame other than “diversity.”

New York Post:

Yet another fleet of Boeing airplanes was found to have a potentially disastrous flaw — one that could set the entire aircraft ablaze.

The aircraft manufacturer discovered that its 777 liners have poor electrical insulation near its fuel tank, according to a proposed rule the Federal Aviation Administration posted in March.

“This condition, if not addressed, could result in an ignition source inside the fuel tank and subsequent fire or explosion,” the Airworthiness Directives note states.

The possibly deadly fault would affect nearly 300 of Boeing’s aircraft across the US: the 77–200, –200LR, –300, –300ER, and 777F series jets.

If I were you, I wouldn’t get on any of these Boeing planes.

The websites where you book tickets tell you what the plane is. You can pick AirBus.