UK: Black Healthcare Worker Sues After Losing Job Offer for Being Christian

Felix Ngole

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Life Site News:

A Christian healthcare worker is taking legal action after his job offer was withdrawn as he publicly opposes homosexuality.

This week, Felix Ngole, represented by the Christian Legal Centre, will challenge the Leeds Employment Tribunal for withdrawing a job offer at the Wakefield Hospital in West Yorkshire, England upon learning that he opposes homosexuality based on articles found online.

“In particular, we can see that you have very strong views against homosexuality and same sex marriage, which completely go against the views of Touchstone, an organisation committed to actively promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ rights,” Touchstone chief executive Kathryn Hart said.

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While Ngole was initially offered his “dream job” managing the discharge of patients with mental health conditions, Hart withdrew the offer upon reading articles online about Ngole’s previous legal case.

In 2019, Ngole had challenged his university after he was expelled for posting comments to Facebook upholding marriage and quoting the Bible.

Video about him getting kicked out of a university course a few years ago

The Court of Appeal ruled in his favor, stating “the mere expression of religious views about sin does not necessarily connote discrimination.”

During a two-hour meeting, Ngole assured Touchstone that his religious view would never lead to discrimination against a client. However, the healthcare organization chose to reiterate their decision to withdraw the job offer.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said in a statement, “Telling an employee that they must ‘embrace and promote’ homosexuality as a condition of employment sets a dark and troubling precedent.”

“If left unchallenged, it would see Christians who manifest their beliefs barred from working in the NHS and other institutions,” she warned.

Ngole himself condemned the discrimination, saying, “It is untenable for employers to be allowed to discriminate against Christian beliefs in this way and to force individuals to promote an ideology that goes against their conscience in the workplace.”

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