UK: Celebrity Black and Mudshark Couple Say 3 of Their 4 Kids (All Autistic) are Trannies or “Non-Binary”

Wow, 3 out of 4.

What are the odds?


British celebrity couple Carrie and David Grant have claimed that three of their four children are transgender or gender “non-binary,” with one of them coming out as trans at the age of ten.

Their revelation adds to the growing list of celebrities who have transgender children, including Charlize Theron, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cynthia Nixon, and couple Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade.

Yes, being a child of a celebrity really ups the odds of being tranny.

I guess they just feel more freedom to be themselves, and if everyone had that freedom, the whole world would be mostly tranny.

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph, the TV presenter couple said that their four children – all of whom are neurodivergent, meaning they fall somewhere on the autism spectrum – have a “smorgasbord of different needs.”

From 4 years ago

The couple revealed they are parents to Olive, 28, Tylan, 21, Arlo, 17, and Nathan, 13.

Carrie Grant told the newspaper that Arlo was the first to discuss gender identity, declaring herself a boy at age 10.

So around 2016, when the whole tranny phenomenon first kicked off in the West.

An early adopter of being who she is.


“Arlo just declared in the middle of dinner one night: ‘Everyone, I just want to tell you, I’m a boy. My name is Ian’,” she said.

“And the two older children just went, ‘Ian’s a terrible name. Your name has to be something better than that.’ David and I looked at each other in amazement, the response was so beautiful.”

Carrie Grant said she was initially confused about the term “non-binary.”

“It wasn’t until Tylan said, in 2020, ‘I’m non-binary and these are my pronouns’, that I went, ‘Now, hang on a minute, what does that mean?’” she recalled. “And that’s the point at which, for me anyway, I jumped in and just kind of went: ‘OK, I need to really understand this.’”

The couple is planning to write about their experiences in the upcoming book A Very Modern Family.

Yes, great. I’m glad they’re able to make even more money off their very lucky situation by teaching other people how to turn their kids into trannies. Or, that is to say, how to embrace their kids when they randomly become trannies for no clear reason.

Because their souls got into the wrong bodies somehow.

It’s interesting that Richard Dawkins is no longer on British television, despite the fact that he was pushing the very popular Jewish agenda of atheism.

The guy just totally disappeared.

Wonder what’s up with that?

I watched enough of these to know that “non-binary” actually means “ugly woman with no personality”