UK: Charity Cancels Itself, Will Donate All Its Assets to “Social Justice” Causes

White people should all just commit suicide because of slavery and the Holocaust.

And you know, the Crusades or colonialism or whatever.

The Guardian:

A major UK charitable foundation, with an endowment fortune of £130m, has announced it is to abolish itself after concluding that traditional philanthropy is a “function of colonial capitalism” and that it had itself become part of the problem.

Lankelly Chase, which gives out about £13m a year in grants to hundreds of charities operating in areas such as social, racial and climate justice, said it wanted to find bold new alternatives to what it called philanthropy’s “cult of benevolence”.

They just rammed through “climate justice,” didn’t they?

Now people apparently read this phrase without blinking an eye.

The 60-year-old institution said it would spend the next five years giving away its assets to organisations and networks which are doing “life-affirming social justice work” in communities around the UK.

It is understood Lankelly Chase’s trustee board had become increasingly unable to reconcile its charitable mission to tackle racism, injustice and inequality with its position as a major investor in global capital markets it considers to be rooted in racial and colonial exploitation.

Seriously – if you understand the world in terms of these cliched tropes, why would you not just commit suicide because you’re white?

It only follows logically.

“We have recognised the gravity of the interlocking social, climate and economic global crises we are experiencing today. At the same time, we view the traditional philanthropy model as so entangled with colonial capitalism that it inevitably continues the harms of the past into the present,” it said in a statement.

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It added: “We will relinquish control of our assets, including the endowment and all resources, so that money can flow freely to those doing life-affirming social justice work. We will make space to reimagine how wealth, capital and social justice can co-exist in the service of all life, now and for future generations.”

Although rare in the UK, the kind of radical re-imagining of charitable funding announced by Lankelly Chase is more common in the US where, experts say, “decolonising the endowment” is a much more active debate in philanthropic and community circles.

“We know not everyone will agree with this decision, and we are not saying every endowed foundation should follow our direction. However, we believe that the case for profound change is now impossible to ignore, and each of us must find our answer. This is ours,” Lankelly Chase said.

In a foretaste of how it might begin to redistribute its assets, it announced it is to give £8m – around 6% of its total endowment fund – to the Baobab Foundation, a funding body created in 2021 by black funders to grow resources for under-resourced grassroots UK black and African community organisations.

Again – why doesn’t this apply to individuals? Why is “Lankelly Chase” refusing to kill himself and donate the proceeds to random black people?

None of these people ever act on their beliefs.

The Lankelly Chase chief executive, Julian Corner, said: “Philanthropy is a function of colonial capitalism, it has been shaped by it, is being driven by it, and yet philosophically it tries to position itself as somehow a cure for the ills of colonial capitalism, and that contradiction needs to stop.”

“Colonial Capitalism”?

They are just combining buzzwords to make new scare terms.

What about “Toxic Holocaust Masculinity” or “Patriarchal Gas Chamber Systems of White Global Warming”?

Philanthropy is actually mostly a big scam.

But surely everyone knows that if you turn this wealth over to the blacks, everyone with access is just going to embezzle it, like those fat bitches from BLM embezzled all that money.

It’s all so tiresome.

I have to think that even white women are getting tired of this now (what with it now targeting them more directly).