UK: “Conservatives” Vote Alongside Leftists Against Bill That Would Ban Trannification in Schools

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What are they conserving?

Why do they use that word?

The Independent:

MPs have voted down a proposal from Andrew Bridgen that sought to change the law to ban the promotion or discussion of gender transitioning in schools.

The Reclaim Party MP attempted to use a 10-minute rule motion to introduce a bill on gender and parental rights in schools to the House.

But in a rare move, a group of MPs forced a vote to block the introduction of his proposed bill, with Labour former minister Sir Ben Bradshaw describing Mr Bridgen’s proposal as “despicable”.

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MPs voted by 40 votes to 34, majority six, to block a bill being introduced.

Ten-minute rule motions offer backbench MPs an opportunity to present an idea for legislation to the Commons with a speech lasting no more than 10 minutes.

Even if accepted, such bills are unlikely to then progress further due to a lack of parliamentary time to debate bills tabled by backbench MPs.

Mr Bridgen is the MP for North West Leicestershire and was expelled from the Conservatives for comparing vaccines to the Holocaust.

He said his proposed bill would “prohibit the promotion of social transition practices in schools”, require schools to inform parents “if their child has indicated an intention to pursue or has commenced social transition”, give parents the right to access information about sex education lessons in schools, among other things.

“Social transition in children will be forbidden. The promotion of social transitioning and the discussion of social transitioning practices would be prohibited from appearing on any aspect of a school curriculum,” he said.

The MP added: “Where gender identity is taught, it will be taught alongside opposing views to allow for a fair presentation of political beliefs.”

He told the Commons: “Under all our noses, members of society, either politically or educationally tasked with helping bring up our children have turned raising the next generation into a science experiment with consequences that break my heart.”

“Social transition practices in school have now become the norm in every classroom in the country,” he warned, adding “Gender ideology is a political ideology. One that has been effectively promoted in schools, and therefore constitutes political indoctrination.”

He also hit out at the level of detail children are exposed to in sexual education classes at a young age.

He said: “We have a duty to safeguard our children and preserve their innocence, protect them from the complexities of adult life, until they reach an appropriate age where they are mature enough to engage with topics and fully understand them.

“What is happening in our schools in unacceptable and there is a need for immediate action.”

“Inclusivity has become a double-edged sword cutting through the very fabric of childhood. Every child has the right to innocence and immunity from the sexual perversions of adults,” he said.

He claimed parents have been “left in the dark and even actively blocked from seeing the material taught to their own children”.

Ending his speech, he said: “Our children are not guinea pigs, it’s high time this House took charge and stopped allowing ideologies passed down from mad scientists which treat them as such.

“My proposed bill will protect children, reassure parents, and offer certainty to teachers.”

The rules of the House allow an MP to make a counter speech to a 10-minute rule motion.

Labour MP and former minister Sir Ben said he and other MPs were “appalled” by Mr Bridgen’s proposal

He said he and others felt it important to send a message “that this nasty Bill does not represent the views of Parliament”.

Sir Ben told the Commons: “Trans and non-binary people have always existed.

“Gender dysphoria has been in internationally-recognised condition for decades.”

If by “decades,” you mean “since 2017,” and by “internationally,” you mean “in countries controlled by the United States,” then I totally agree with you.

However, some people would think that statement means something different, and they would call you a liar.

Homeschooling is legal in Britain