UK: Fat Chick Unfurls New Flag of Cuck Island, Sings Anthem

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

Somehow, despite no longer being a serious country in the slightest, the UK marches on.

It’s running on the fumes of civic pride from a long-lost glorious past, as well as on pure concentrated libshit smugness over the fact that they’re causing so many people so much pain with their disrespect of everything sacred, traditional and true.


The BBC has been accused of spoiling an annual music festival, after a singer swapped the Union Jack for a rainbow flag in a rousing rendition of ‘Rule, Britannia’. The stunt sparked a storm of furious tweets.

Television viewers across the UK tuned in to watch the Last Night of the Proms – the climax of the eight-week classical music festival – in what has traditionally been a showcase of British patriotism and culture. But this year’s concert featured a provocative twist: The mezzo-soprano who accompanied the orchestra hoisted a rainbow ‘pride’ flag as she sang the British classic, ‘Rule, Britannia.’

Jamie Barton, an American singer and self-professed “queer girl with a nose ring,” said that she unfurled the flag during her performance because she wanted to make “a very clear statement of Pride.” 

The old Britannia:

And the new one:

The ol’ girl has put on a few pounds, no?

It is absolutely incredible how quickly they managed to get so many normies in the UK to accept what is being forced onto them by the Freak Coalition. Just look: an entire orchestra of middle-class folks and a boomer maestro, and all of them had no problem with their nation’s flag being replaced by the Multicouleur and their national song now being sung in the style of a new Sodomy Internationale.

Although some Boomers did take to Twitter to lament their tax dollarie-doos being used to fund this.

Others lamented that the BBC’s “PC agenda” ruined the event, and said they would not be tuning in next year. A handful of particularly enraged netizens vowed to never again pay their TV license fee.

Yeah, fat chance of that happening. Imagine that: a Boomer swearing off his telly? Literally impossible.

It’s funny, but you don’t even have to pay the loiscence fee for the TV anywhere in the UK seeing as it’s not a government fee, and the collection agency is run by a private company with no power to penalize you if you don’t.

Ukistanis still do it though. Don’t ask me why.

Me, personally, I haven’t turned a TV on in at least 7 years. If I want to watch something, I torr… I purchase it and watch it on my computer. There is literally nothing good on TV anymore, and there hasn’t been anything since Highlander concluded its run back in the 90s.

Once Highlander was finished, every intelligent person threw their telly in the trash the very next day because they knew that TV would be only going downhill from that absolute apex of syndicated entertainment.

It shocks and appalls me to learn that people still watch TV, to be quite honest.

Like, how? What in God’s name could you possibly be watching that’s in any way entertaining and worth the absolute agony that the loud, obnoxious, race-mixing commercials induce?

It must be like Fort Knox up in these Boomers’ brains.

Nothing gets in, nothing gets out. 

At least when it’s almost curtains time for their country and the fat lady gets up to sing, they all of a sudden sit up and start taking notice.