UK: Headteacher Bans Students from Carrying Palestinian Flags, Calls Police on Protesters

This whole “import millions of Moslems and then tell them they have to bend to the will of the Jews” project is getting stupider by the minute.


Police were forced to monitor a protest at a West Yorkshire high school after the principal suggested that the presence of the Palestinian flag at the school could be seen as “a call to arms and seen as a message of support for anti-Semitism”. Following the “barrage” of criticism, the school leader apologised.

Headteacher Mike Roper had live-streamed an assembly on Wednesday to Allerton Grange School in Leeds, allegedly following school staff removing posters bearing the Palestinian flag and confiscating pupils’ similarly decorated lanyards.

Attempting to explain the removal of the political images, Mr Roper said in comments which went viral on social media and were reported by The Telegraph: “By using a symbol such as the Palestinian flag that message is lost because for some people they see that flag and they feel threatened, they feel unsafe and they worry because for other people that flag is seen as a call to arms and seen as a message of support for anti-Semitism, for being anti-Jewish, and it was never meant to be like that in the first place.”

The assembly came after a spike in antisemitic attacks and violent pro-Palestinian protests in the UK during the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The remarks sparked protest and a petition calling for the headteacher’s “instant removal” from the school, which the latest Ofsted schools inspection report described as “multicultural”.

Mr Roper wrote to parents on Sunday night saying that he was “deeply sorry” for his remarks and that a “specialist” speaker would give a lecture on the issue.

Looking at pictures from this school, it looks like “multicultural” means 99% Islamic.

These people literally have zero interest in being around white people. They could stay in Pakistan and be around their own people, but they want white people’s money, their buildings and their young girls to use as drug hookers.

Instead, we have to play hall monitor as they squabble with Jews.

This white man chose to defend Jews against Moslems; many others side with the Moslems. It’s an absurd situation.

Jews and Moslems should leave white countries and go duke it out in the Middle East.