UK: Islamic Radio Host Goes on Jihad Against the Lockdown

“Anti-extremism activist” Maajid Nawaz has a show on LBC, which is the main right-wing British radio channel. He has gone on a total rampage against the lockdown, arguing the obvious reality that more people are going to die as a result of the lockdowns than are allegedly being saved by the lockdowns.

I don’t like Moslems, and I especially don’t really like Maajid Nawaz, but I will say: he’s just saying something that is obviously true here, based on the known facts.

“Lockdown kills. It’s as simple as that,” Nawaz announced.

“Do we know how many people would die because of the lockdown compared to how many people would die if we do not lock down?” he asked. “And if we don’t know that answer, then are we just grabbing – clutching at straws in the dark?”

He is a believer in the mainstream narrative of the virus, so he is arguing from that position. But even if you believe the absolute nonsense that they are pushing with regards to the lethality of this disease, it is an obvious fact that more people will die as a result of the lockdowns.

He notes that only one study has been done in Britain on how many people will die as a result of the lockdowns, and that this study showed that globally, 560,000 people will die as a result of the lockdown. That’s significantly more than they are claiming lockdowns will save.

One might also note – though Nawaz doesn’t – that the people who are allegedly being “saved” by the lockdown are all elderly, whereas the people who will die as a result of the lockdowns will be younger. Meaning you lose a lot more “years of life.”

What’s more: the study he cited doesn’t include suicides and drug overdoses.

The bottom line is this: there is no reality in which fewer people die, in total, because of the lockdowns. What the government is ultimately saying is that dying of the coronavirus is different than any other death; it is a special kind of death, and thus it is worth sacrificing X number of people in order to save 1 person from dying of the coronavirus.

This is a very weird way of thinking, and it should be confronted.

I don’t think that Nawaz’s rant was especially good, and I’m not certain of his motivations, but I am glad that someone is saying something.