UK: Julian Assange Being Drugged in Prison, Says He’s Struggling

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2020

Poor guy.

Nothing more horrific than being taken in alive by the Good Guys.


Julian Assange sounded like a shell of the man he once was during a Christmas Eve phone call, British journalist Vaughan Smith told RT, noting the WikiLeaks founder had trouble speaking and appeared to be drugged.

Assange was allowed to make just a single call from the maximum security Belmarsh prison in southeast London for the Christmas holiday, hoping for a reminder of the world beyond his drab confines of steel and concrete.

“I think he simply wanted a few minutes of escape” and to revive “happy memories,” Smith told RT, adding that Assange had spent the holiday at his home in 2010. The brief conversation was far from cheerful, however, with Assange’s deteriorating condition increasingly apparent throughout the call. 

Disturbing stuff. This is the treatment that enemies of Human Rights Freedom Democracy™ receive at the hands of the most oppressive and sick systems of government in world history.

But it gets worse.

Though Assange didn’t say it out loud during the call, Smith said he believes the anti-secrecy activist is being sedated, noting that “It seemed pretty obvious that he was,” and said others who visited Assange were of the same opinion.

I bet they’re giving him tranny drugs (HRT) to mess with his mind.

Smith isn’t the first to raise this issue, but British authorities have so far refused to divulge whether Assange has been given psychotropic drugs in prison, insisting only that they aren’t “mistreating” him. But given that he is “being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day,” with requests by numerous doctors to examine his physical condition denied, Smith said he has a hard time taking the officials at their word.

“Julian was extremely good company over Christmas in 2010,” the journalist said, but the man he talked to on the phone last week sounded like a different person. “I just don’t understand… why he’s in Belmarsh Prison in the first place. He’s a remand prisoner. He’s not a danger to the public.

Remember, this is all happening even though Julian Assange literally dindu nuffin. He published documents that were leaked to him by a disgruntled soldier who would soon be MK-Ultra’d into trannyism by the CIA.

This is considered “spying” even though, in reality, this is simply journalism. Before they dragged him into prison, he was holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy for years and was being spied on by Sheldon Adelson’s spies, who were passing the information on to the CIA. Our Human Rights Freedom Democracy™ has some explaining to do. Assange has not even stood trial yet, so why are they allowed to torture, drug and monitor him like this?

This would be the time for self-reflection and a collective “are we the baddies?” moment if ever there was one.

Peep Show is horrific, I wish I never got pulled into it. 

But at least with Assange, the mask has totally come off and it is extremely painful for shills to keep hiding the truth from us.

The fact of the matter is that we live in the most brutally unfair and totalitarian system ever devised. People who speak the truth get black-bagged and tortured as Liberals clap their flippers, Jews rub their claws and POCs pick their noses.

Something needs to change.