UK: Kier Starmer Addresses the Public as PM

Well, hey – at least he’s white?

Wimbledon Times:

Leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer has addressed the public for the first time as Prime Minister of the UK, saying “we need to move forward together.”

Speaking in Downing Street this afternoon, where he was greeted with applause, he said: “I have just returned from Buckingham Palace, where I accepted an invitation from His Majesty the King to form the next Government of this great nation.

“I want to thank the outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. His achievement as the first British-Asian prime minister of our country, the extra effort that will have required, should not be underestimated by anyone. And we paid tribute to that today.

“We also recognise the dedication and hard work he brought to his leadership.”

This isn’t really news. It had already been announced he was going to win.

Thanking Rishi for being “Asian” is sort of alpha. Like “the best thing I can say about that scumbag is that he’s not white.”

Anyway, this is the first Labour PM since Gordon Brown left in 2010. I don’t really see much difference between the UK parties. But Brown was really an extension of Tony Blair, who was the guy who did the Iraq war with George Bush.

It looks to me like there is a high likelihood that Starmer will be a “wartime prime minister.”

He’s not Jewish, if you were wondering (I assume you were wondering). But hey – his wife is.

Worse than being Jewish, the bitch doesn’t have the basic decency to wear flat shoes when standing next to her manlet husband.

As we’ve seen, there’s not much difference between being Jewish and having a Jewish spouse. You literally have a Jewish handler in your bed.

He is an obsessive Jew lover, Hohol-sucker, everything. He’s a lot worse than Rishi, who was really bad.

Not that it even really matters. All these people are bad. Democracy is a failed system.

Something is happening.

There are rumblings under the ground.