UK: Female Politicians Calling the Cops After Becoming “Victims” of Deepfake Pornography

What is the crime?

These women post pictures of themselves online.

Are they claiming copyright violation?

Because if every picture of every person online was copyrighted, that would be really complicated.

The Guardian:

British female politicians have become the victims of fake pornography, with some of their faces used in nude images created using artificial intelligence.

Political candidates targeted on one prominent fake pornography website include: the Labour deputy leader, Angela Rayner; the education secretary, Gillian Keegan; the Commons leader, Penny Mordaunt; the former home secretary, Priti Patel; and the Labour backbencher Stella Creasy, according to Channel 4 News.

Many of the images have been online for several years and attracted hundreds of thousands of views.

While some are crude Photoshops featuring the politician’s head imposed on to another person’s naked body, other images appear to be more complicated deepfakes that have been created using AI technology. Some of the politicians targeted have now contacted police.

Dehenna Davison, a Conservative MP until the recent dissolution of parliament, is one of those featured on the site. She told Channel 4 News it was “really strange” that people would target women like her and she found it “quite violating”.

She said that unless governments around the world put in place a proper regulatory framework for AI, there would be “major problems”.

Creasy told the broadcaster that she felt “sick” to learn about the images and that “none of this is about sexual pleasure, it’s all about power and control”.

Since the Online Safety Act was introduced in January, sharing such imagery without consent has been illegal in the UK. Yet sites hosting this material are easily accessible through mainstream search engines such as Google.

The British are probably going to pass total nonsense laws on this issue. I don’t really think America can, but they might try.

Australia already apparently has laws about it. At least, they arrest people over it.

Calling these women “victims” is just so bizarre.

Here’s an idea: if they don’t want fake porn, why not ban porn completely?

But they won’t do that. Women would never go for it.