UK: Moslems Protest School Teacher for Showing Drawings of Mohamed

Well, bro.

You can say “blasphemy isn’t a crime,” but it won’t really matter if it’s a crime or not when your head gets lobbed off.

Sputnik News:

Dozens of Muslim protesters are protesting for the second day outside a school in the north of England where a teacher has been suspended for showing pupils a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad during a religious education lesson.

The teacher, who is in his late 20s, was suspended on Thursday, 25 March by the head teacher at Batley Grammar School who has offered a fulsome apology.

But Muslims continued to protest outside the school on Friday, 26 March.

Batley Grammar School was forced to close on Friday and switch back to online learning as 50 protesters showed up and demanded the teacher be sacked.

He is said to have been put under police protection.

Police officers and private security guards are monitoring the demonstration.

Batley, which is near Bradford, has a large Muslim population as thousands of people emigrated to the area from Pakistan in the 1960s and 1970s to work in factories and textile mills.

Discussion of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad has become common in schools across England, but teachers are not supposed to show pupils the cartoons themselves.

In the wake of Samuel Paty’s murder last year the French President, Emmanuel Macron, came out strongly in defence of freedom of speech and the teacher’s right to discuss the issue and show the cartoon.

Yeah, no one thinks they don’t have a right to show the cartoon. That seems to be widely encouraged by the Jews.

It’s just that they’ll get their heads chopped off for doing it.

Frankly, I find this anti-Islam stuff to be idiotic.

These people were invited into our countries by our governments. Now our governments encourage us to insult their religion, and risk being murdered – to what end?

What is the point of this anti-Islam agenda, as more and more Moslems pour into the country?

If the government hates Islam, and wants to mock it, then why were they invited here?

It’s just this massive, weird distraction, and you shouldn’t be surprised to find that many of these people pushing the anti-Islam material are Jews.

Talking about their religion distracts from the most important question: why are they here?

All the energy put into attacking these people’s religion should instead be put into demanding that the government remove them from our countries.

They can go be Islamic somewhere else.