UK: Police Create New Moslem-Led Unit to Stop Moslem Pimping Rings

Of course they hired a Paki as the presenter…

A lot of right-wingers want to come at the Paki Pimp Gang phenomenon from the Christian Feminist angle of “oh our poor sweet innocent princesses, corrupted by these evil foreigners.”

In reality, the girls are just as guilty as the Pakis.

However, if we come at this from the angle of “women are the collective property of the men of a nation,” then it is even worse.

And the worst of the worst are the cops who are working with the Pakis to transfer our women to them.


A new child sexual exploitation unit in Manchester, England, has been launched after years of failure on so-called “grooming” rape gangs.

The Greater Machester Police (GMP) Force Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Unit, according to an official statement released on March 18th to mark National CSE Awareness Day, will be comprised of of 54 police officers and staff with “dedicated specialist skills and resources [for] investigating large scale and complex CSE investigations.”

“It is not a gimmick. This has been in the planning since last year,” insisted Deputy Chief Constable Mabs Hussain, in comments reported by the Manchester Evening News.

“If you want to make a difference you have got to have people who are passionate and care. If it means knocking someone’s door for something they did 20 years ago we are going to do it,” Hussain promised.

Yes, I’m sure Mabs Hussain will get to the bottom of the issue of Moslems stealing white women…

No conflict of interests here…

“What I don’t want is a repeat of the past. I am not saying we will never make mistakes, we will because we are human. But when we make a mistake, we will apologise and do all we can to put it right.

“What I want to make sure of is that we are not intentionally because of our lack of focus making mistakes.”

The senior officer was referring to the many failures of police forces, social services, and other authorities over decades with respect to so-called “grooming gangs”, comprised predominantly of Muslims of South Asian heritage who targeted mostly non-Muslim and often white working-class victims.

Successive probes and investigations have found that police were terrified of being branded racist if they tackled the abuse, with officers saying their superiors told them to “try and get other ethnicities” and dismissing victims as making “lifestyle choices” to “prostitute” themselves, or as participants in consensual sexual relations — a legal nonsense, given minors cannot give informed consent under British law, still less consent to being pimped out to dozens of men.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the number of victims discovered across 70 investigations by Greater Manchester Police now stands at some 468, 332 of whom have been identified, with the number of predators standing at an astonishing 809, 540 of whom “are known”.

The force area, in which grooming gangs once operated in “plain sight”, according to a report into the death of 15-year-old victim Victoria Agoglia, who died after being injected with heroin by a 50-year-old man while in the care of Manchester City Council, does not only cover Manchester proper, but also the infamous rape gang epicentre of Rochdale, where the new CSE unit is overseeing three units involving victims as young as nine.

Obviously, the supposed purpose of putting a Moslem in charge of investigating Moslem pimping rings is to protect the unit from accusations of racism.

However, what the British do not seem to be capable of processing is that they are currently undergoing a process of being conquered by Moslems, and these people are all working together.

The terrorists are one arm, the sex gangs are another arm, and the infiltrators – like Constable Mabs Hussein – are yet another arm.

Even if the individuals engaging in this process are not aware of it, they are part of a driving race consciousness.

The predictability can become boring to watch.

Recall that Faima Bakar wrote a piece for Metro last year claiming that discussion of the pimp gangs was a “distraction” from “important discussion about Islamophobia.”

Here’s Faima Bakar:

I’m sure she pays lip service to the Jewish feminist ideas that white women love so much, but for Islamic women, race conquest tends to come before any sort of “female solidarity.”

It’s all so predictable, watching all of these Islamic elements work in tandem against the white race, and then seeing it all be fueled by the Jews.

It’s hard to imagine that normal whites can’t notice these patterns, but you must understand that they’ve either been:

  1. Brainwashed into the cult of diversity, or
  2. Beaten down to the point of being silenced

There is also an “I’m alright, Jack” element among the middle and upper classes, who are not yet feeling the wrath of the invasion forces.