UK: Super Saiyan Chief Bullied Off Internet for Ridiculous Hairstyle, Being a Dyke!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2019

Remember Constable Swann?

Turns out that the internet gave this bizarre dyke PTSD by making fun of her hair, forcing her to quit social media and (presumably) shave that ridiculous hair off.


A police officer said “sexist and homophobic” abuse sparked by her hairstyle led her to leave social media.

Deputy chief constable Rachel Swann made several media appearances while leading the evacuation of Whaley Bridge in August.

Some viewers mocked her on Twitter.

Ms Swann said the reaction reflected wider problems with social media and she was shocked her “mere existence could cause such a depth of feeling”.

Well, Ms. Swann, there’s just something you need to understand going forward: when you join a disreputable institution like the UK police, you’re going to catch a lot of flak. Frankly, the internet isn’t very fond of dykes or police or Britbongs and well, you manage to be all of those things at once.

This could have been prevented if you’d refrained from being at least one of those things at any given time, but when you’re all three all the time, can you really blame the internet for not accepting that? It’s just egregious on your part.

She told BBC Radio Derby: “I can take a bit of banter but then it became sexist and homophobic, and really, really insulting.

“The bit that really hurt was when people said I had no standards and I was letting policing down.”

Some criticised her standard issue police uniform.

“They were saying, ‘she’s not wearing a hat’. Often we would get advised not to wear hats – you can see our eyes, so you can gain trust.”

One comment said: “Is that what a senior police officer looks likely [sic] these days??” 

Going forward, my advice to the cuntstable would be the following: stop being one of those three things, and preferably stop being all of them.

Here, let me simplify – pick two and only two: 

  • Being a dyke
  • Being a copper
  • Being a bong

We are a tolerant people – in other countries two of those things will get you into a lot of trouble (or even just one). What you did by going out on the TV like that was really grotesque. No one thought that was appropriate.

See, you give these mentally ill wahmyn an inch and, well, you can see the results for yourself: they just straight-up took over Cuck Island. Now, there is only one nation that remains free – the Republic of Gamers – and it is under constant assault by these freaks because they fear our power.

They know that we can go Super Saiyan and do it without having a ridiculous hairdo (although that undoubtedly helps). This is why they are working so hard to shut down the internet, which is our home and our source of power.

Should they ever force us off these tubes, we will have no choice but to rise up! Dyke Pukem couldn’t stop us on the internet and she won’t be able to stop us in da streetz!