UK: Tommy Robinson Arrested, Pepper-Sprayed While Serving the Jews

Well. It looks like Tommy did end up going to that pro-Jewish event he was banned from.

And it looks like it didn’t go well for him.


The founder of the far right English Defence League (EDL) has been pepper sprayed by police after he turned up at a march against antisemitism.

Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was detained by dozens of Met Police officers on Sunday near the Royal Courts of Justice, which is where the demonstration began.

March Against Antisemitism organisers had previously said Robinson would not be welcome at the march, and police had previously told him to leave the area.

Robinson, who was still in police custody on Sunday evening, uploaded a video on social media of his eyes partially closed after officers used synthetic pepper spray.

A force spokesman said: ‘The arrested man resisted as officers attempted to put him in handcuffs. He was warned repeatedly before PAVA spray was used.

‘Following its use, officers gained control of him and handcuffs were applied.’

Why did he resist arrest?

In an earlier statement, the force said organisers had ‘been clear about their concerns that the man’s attendance, and that of those who were likely to accompany him, would cause fear for other participants.

‘The same view has been voiced by others.

‘As a result he was spoken to and warned on more than one occasion that his continued presence in the area was likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to others.

‘He was directed to leave the area but refused to do so.’

Robinson said he attended the march as a ‘journalist’ and denied causing alarm or distress to others.

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