Ukip MEP Praises Hitler, Tells Youth to Emulate Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2014

Once again we have good news on Ukip – further reason to believe this party has a hardcore base and is just playing politics with the “anti-racist” garbage.

An MEP, speaking to a group of youths, told them to emulate Adolf Hitler.  In the video, one can see he tried very hard to push the “oh but he was definitely so evil wink wink wink wink” angle.

Daily Mail:

Bill Etheridge described the Nazi dictator as a ‘magnetic and forceful public speaker’ who ‘achieved a great deal’ – and said the candidates should copy the rhetorical style deployed by Hitler at the Nuremberg rallies.

Mr Farage is on the brink of formally confirming his intention to stand for Parliament in the Kent seat of Thanet South.

This new disclosure will dismay the Ukip leader as he battles to de-toxify the party’s image following a string of rows over extremism.

Mr Etheridge, who recently wrote a book celebrating golliwogs, made his astonishing remarks last weekend while training young Ukip members planning to stand in council or parliamentary elections.

The West Midlands MEP was hired to give a class on public speaking at the Young Independence Conference in Birmingham.

He suggested that the audience should take their oratorical tips from ‘a hateful figure who achieved a great deal’.

Mr Etheridge, 44, said: ‘Look back to the most magnetic and forceful public speaker possibly in history. When Hitler gave speeches, and many of the famous ones were at rallies, at the start he walks, back and forth, looked at people – there was a silence, he waited minutes just looking out at people, fixing them with his gaze.

‘They were looking back and he would do it for a while. And then they were so desperate for him to start, when he started speaking they were hanging on his every word.’

He added: ‘I’m not saying direct copy – pick up little moments.’

When a member of the audience asked Mr Etheridge, who was tasked by his party to deliver the conference, how they should use social media for pro-Ukip campaigning, he warned: ‘If you think for even a second that what you say can be screwed, twisted and spun, do not allow that video to be posted by people.’

We should not underestimate the softer nationalist parties, as many of them may have much bigger plans than they are revealing. I believe Farage has a bigger plan than he is revealing.

Even if these people are not secret extremists, they are effective at pushing things to the right, and that is a good thing no matter how you look at it.