University of Mississippi Frat Boys Did Monkey Noises at Pro-Palestine Blacks, May be Disciplined

The Jews sent in a group of… Jew-loving racists? … to harass pro-Palestine protesters.

Now they’re getting investigated for racism.

BLM supporter Mike Johnson may need to fly in and personally declare that making monkey noises at black people is explicitly allowed if you are doing so in support of Jews.

They can also send black Republican Tim Scott to say “I don’t like no white do no monkey chant at a nigga, but damn dawg, he be did that shit for them Jews, and them Jews done had they baby put at da oven.”


The University of Mississippi has opened a student conduct investigation after actions of “hostility and racist overtones” were portrayed during a demonstration on campus.

The incident unfolded Thursday on the school’s campus during a heated exchange between a group of pro-Palestinian protesters and a much larger group of counterprotesters.

About 30 pro-Palestinian protesters were demonstrating in a barricaded zone when they were surrounded by an estimated 200 counterprotesters, some holding American flags, several Trump flags and some dressed in red, white, and blue.

While there are multiple videos circulating online showing the protest at varying times, one video in particular shows a group of mostly young white men in the counterprotest yelling at a Black woman, at least one counterprotester is seen on video making what appears to be monkey gestures at the woman, although CNN has not confirmed that is the case, as she records the group on her phone.

Jaylin R. Smith, 24, confirmed to CNN she is the woman seen in the video.

“One thing that will never break me is people taunting me or making monkey noises at me,” the journalism and new media graduate student told CNN on Friday.

The video viewed by CNN shows a large group of counterprotesters yelling at Smith as she walks toward them while holding her phone. Law enforcement appeared to be telling her to “go back” to where other pro-Palestinian protesters were rallying. Smith is heard in the video saying, “I’m not so peaceful” repeatedly as police usher her away from the counterprotesters.

CNN has been unable to identify any of the counterprotesters seen in the video.

Smith said she is disappointed the confrontation has become the topic of conversation now, rather than a ceasefire in Gaza.

That’s an adult position to take.

She’s like: “Bitch, I ain’t even mad, damn.”

This was a viral clip designed to try to get young whites to support Jews.

Someone staged this. It was probably Ben Shapiro.

If whites would have been doing monkey noises at blacks during BLM, they would be in prison.

These men won’t be punished. Some Jew will swoop in.