US Military’s Aid Pier in Gaza to be Permanently Dismantled After Only Operating for 20 Days

You know, they gave it the old college try.

Turns out feeding Palestinians is really hard.

One of the two most important lessons I learned as an American was: “If something is really hard, just give up.”

The other one was: “Always do whatever the Jews tell you to do.”

The Guardian:

A US military pier, built two months ago as a way to bring sea-borne humanitarian aid into Gaza, is to be permanently dismantled within a few days, according to a new report.

The Associated Press (AP) reported that the pier, which has had to be moved repeatedly to avoid bad weather, would be reconnected to the Gaza coastline on Wednesday but would operate for just the next few days before being disassembled by the US army and navy.

The AP quoted unnamed officials as saying that the pier would be put back in place only long enough to move humanitarian supplies which have accumulated in Cyprus and on a floating dock offshore since the pier went out of action on 28 June as a result of weather conditions.

There was no immediate comment from US Central Command or the US Agency for International Development which have operated the maritime aid corridor between Cyprus and Gaza, but aid workers familiar with the project had been predicting for weeks that the pier would not survive beyond July.

Since it was first manoeuvred into position on 17 May, the pier has been operational for fewer than 20 days, and for most of those days, aid deliveries were simply unloaded on the beach without being distributed around Gaza because of security concerns.

Maybe this is embarrassing, I don’t know.

It’s not really embarrassing though, because the Guardian is the only place it’s going to be a top news headline.

No one in America reads the Guardian.