US Stages Military Parade with Tanks Through the Baltic Nations

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2015


Continuing with their childlike goading of Russia, the Jews who control America have sent our boys and our machines over to Eastern Europe to stage a military parade.

This is absolutely bizarre.  Why don’t they just invade Russia if that’s their plan.  What is the point of this idiotic playground posturing?


A convoy of US military vehicles, mostly IAV Stryker APCs, is touring through Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, the Czech Republic to Germany in a symbolic show of force and solidarity with Eastern European allies “that live closest to the Bear.”

Operation ‘Dragoon Ride’ kicked off Saturday in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia and will see the US Army’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment covering some 1,100 miles to Vilseck, Germany by April 1. Soldiers from 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, will also participate in the military “exercise.”

“The whole purpose … is to assure those allies that live closest to the Bear that we are here,” Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commanding general of US Army Europe said earlier of the maneuvering. US Stryker vehicles are typically transported by rail, but the decision to convoy them to Germany in the broad light of day for everyone to see is meant to demonstrate the presence of American and NATO force in the region.

“You heard our president say very clearly, we will defend our allies, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland,” Hodges said. The move has been coordinated with the six European governments who are offering to escort over 120 pieces of US machinery traveling through their territories.

The US brandishing has been widely criticized, with some activists going so far as to accuse Washington of spreading Nazism and splitting European societies into separate camps. The government of the Czech Republic, according to local media, even instructed its own military to protect the US military convoy as it crosses the country over fears that numerous people protesting the move could stage “provocations.”

Czech communists speaking out against the ride say it will only cause traffic jams and annoy locals. “We are facing questions about the extent to which our roads will be damaged,” the country’s Defense Minister Martin Stropnicky admitted on Czech television.

The ‘Dragoon Ride’ is intended to test the US easily maneuvering near Russia’s borders, because as Hodges says President Putin “moves troops and stuff around Russia whenever he wants to.”

Jews are getting dumber by the hour, it seems.  You know one of these rats was sitting around watching Grease and was like “hey wait – what if we did a John Travolta on Russia!  And then the other Jews were like “by yahweh man it’s brilliant!”

Inspiring ideas.
Inspiring ideas, Jews?

Meanwhile, Putin – a serious person – is getting his ideas from watching Evangelion.

Not a game, yankee.
Not a game, yankee: this is all out robot wars.
Not even half-joking.
Not even half-joking.

Here are some more videos from the “Dragon Ride.”

Seriously.  How the hell are they going to stage a military parade in the Baltic?  And how is this not bigger news, given that it is a blatant military provocation of Russia?  For no clear reason, other than that they failed to steal the entire Ukraine and only got most of it?

Guys, I just really don’t see the plan here.  Putin is a really serious guy.  Starting a world war with him for no reason seems like such a very bad idea.

I wonder how the people of the Baltic nations feel about this?  Surely, they are not happy to be openly occupied by a foreign military?  Surely, when their government signed these treaties, and it was printed on the back page of the internet, they didn’t realize that the fine print said they can stage military parades demonstrating their control of your country on your streets whenever they want?

All the US is doing is angering people on all sides, for no clear reason at all.

What’s next?

“US military goes to Poland and drowns kittens in a bucket, tells Russia ‘you’re next'”?