USAID Confirms That Gazans are Starving to Death as Jews Refuse to Honor Commitment to Allow Aid

It’s unclear what game the Biden people are playing here.

They are ratcheting up the criticism of the Israelis, while also continuing to make it clear that they will offer material support for absolutely everything the Jews do.

It makes them look completely schizophrenic. If they are in a blood pact to support whatever the Jews do – and they definitely are – then they should just be trying to lie and downplay everything that is happening in Gaza.

Maybe they thought they could do a color revolution in Israel, but that is obviously no longer even remotely possible. Bibi has massive, overwhelming support.

The Guardian:

A promised surge in aid into Gaza that Benjamin Netanyahu promised Joe Biden a week ago has so far failed to materialise, aid workers say, as the US aid chief confirmed that famine is beginning to take hold in parts of the besieged coastal strip.

The increase in the number of truck crossing into Gaza claimed by Israel conflicts with UN records and already appears to be faltering.

“There is a lot less than meets the eye so far,” said Jeremy Konyndyk, a former senior official in the Biden administration, who is now president of the Refugees International aid advocacy organisation. “Very little has actually changed.”

By “very little,” he of course means “nothing.”

The Jews have made it clear they will not allow any food to get to these people. Maybe a few crumbs make it through. But one of the reasons Erdogan gave for cutting trade was that the Jews refused to allow Turkey to do airdrops of food.

The Jews have totally banned food.

One of Netanyahu’s pledges to Biden, to open the Ashdod port north of Gaza as a portal to sea-borne humanitarian aid, has led to no apparent action, according to the Israel N12 channel. N12 reported that none of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (Cogat) nor the Ashdod Port authorities have so far received instructions about opening the facility to shipments bound for Gaza.

Israeli officials had been promising their US counterparts for weeks that a crossing point would be opened into northern Gaza where the starvation is the most severe. It would either be at Erez, which was the main border point before the current war, or at a new site, they informed Washington. No decision was made, however, until Wednesday, six days after the Biden-Netanyahu call, when the defence minister, Yoav Gallant, said construction had begun on a new crossing. It is not clear how long that construction work will take.

It doesn’t matter. There are already crossings, and this is what happens: Israeli civilians are brought in by the military to block the trucks, and then the military says it’s unsafe to open the border to let the trucks cross because there are civilians in the area.

The Grayzone did a documentary about this a few weeks ago (which didn’t really get enough attention).

It’s incredible.

Two other steps Israel was supposed to take to increase the flow of assistance are also under way, with no target completion date. One is a coordination centre where aid agency officials and Israeli operational commanders are supposed to sit together to make sure that aid missions are not bombed like the World Central Kitchen (WCK) convoy on 1 April, when seven of its aid workers were killed.

Yeah, no one will go try to deliver aid on the ground anymore because the Jews made it clear they will murder you. Then the US made it clear that if the Jews murder you for delivering aid, they will face no consequences.

There is no reason to go to Gaza to try to deliver aid. They will kill you before you deliver any aid, meaning you just die for no reason.

The other is a new security screening centre where trucks of humanitarian assistance heading for northern Gaza can be inspected by Israeli monitors before crossing over.

Aid officials say the amount of food getting into the coastal strip is far short of what is needed to fend off an impending famine, particularly in the north. On Wednesday, Samantha Power, the head of the US humanitarian and development agency, USAID, became the first American official to confirm publicly that famine had already got a grip in at least some parts of Gaza.

Power told a congressional committee that her officials had analysed an assessment by food insecurity experts in mid-March that a famine could set in between later the same month and mid-May, and had found that judgment to be “credible”.

So famine is already occurring there?” Democratic congressman, Joaquin Castro, asked her.

That is – yes,” she replied.

Jews are monsters.

They are incompatible with all other peoples on the earth.

They need to be isolated and sanctioned. They can’t be allowed to live in Palestine anymore, and they can’t be allowed to live in our countries anymore. They need to be moved somewhere else, and blocked off.