NATO Commander Says 1 Billion People Threatened by Aqua Russians

It’s funny, I was just sitting around worrying about Aqua Russians.

Now, I’m finding out from very intelligent and honest people that my fears are justified.

May the Big Bang and Climate Science save us from these Aqua Russians. Shalom.

The Guardian:

The security of nearly 1 billion people across Europe and North America is under threat from Russian attempts to target the extensive vulnerabilities of underwater infrastructure including windfarms, pipelines and power cables, a Nato commander has warned.

V Adm Didier Maleterre, the deputy commander of Nato’s Allied Maritime Command (Marcom), said the network of underwater cables and pipes on which Europe’s power and communications depend were not built to withstand the “hybrid warfare” being pursued by Moscow and other Nato adversaries.

V Adm Didier Maleterre: The Man with the Plan to Stop the Aqua Russians

We know the Russians have developed a lot of hybrid warfare under the sea to disrupt the European economy, through cables, internet cables, pipelines. All of our economy under the sea is under threat,” he said.

“And, to be very clear, we know what Russians have developed as far as nuclear submarines to operate under the sea. So we are not naive and we [Nato countries] are working together.”


Under the sea? 

May the good fact checkers watch over us, and may the pharmaceutical industry have mercy on our souls.


The comments come after two incidents of suspected sabotage on gas pipelines in the Baltic in the last 18 months – first on Nord Stream 1 and 2 in September 2022, followed by the Balticconnector in October last year. Despite extensive investigations by multiple states both remain unsolved, although Finland said in December that “everything indicated” a Chinese ship had purposely damaged the Balticconnector with its anchor.

Damage to the Balticconnector gas pipeline that connects Finland and Estonia across the Baltic Sea, which Finland says was probably purposely done by a Chinese ship… with their anchor! (Anchors are under the sea.)

Maleterre, a submariner who said he had himself spent “more than 1,000 days under the sea”, said the environment had changed dramatically since much of the current infrastructure was first developed by the private sector, leaving it extremely vulnerable.

“They [the companies responsible for them] didn’t know that such hybrid warfare would develop so rapidly. More than 90% of [the] internet is under the sea. All our links between the US, Canada and Europe are transmitting under the sea, so there are a lot of vulnerabilities.”

Do these people appear to be a bunch of retards?

It seems that way to me.

It’s weird that all of these powerful institutions would be run by retards. It’s counterintuitive and suspicious.