Utah: School District Bans Bible, Sets Sights on the Book of Mormon

Now the Bible is banned because it is “vulgar.”

It is being banned by the people teaching anal sex – with men, in fact – to 5-year-olds.

How are you even supposed to respond to this?

The Guardian:

A school district in Utah that last week banned the Bible from school libraries is now being asked to consider a further title for removal: the Book of Mormon.

The Davis school district, which serves Davis county, north of Salt Lake City, said it was considering a new complaint demanding the removal of the foundational text of the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The latest potential removal comes just a week after the Bible was taken off the shelves of libraries in elementary and middle schools after being deemed by a committee to be inappropriate because it contained “vulgarity or violence”. The Bible will remain in high school libraries.

The school district said it would assess the Book of Mormon for “all elements of the definitions of pornographic or indecent materials” as defined under a Utah law concerning sensitive materials.

The request to remove the book referenced violence including battles, beheadings and kidnappings.

A national furore has arisen over the removal of books from public schools in several states, often driven by conservatives targeting material that contains references to gender identity or sexuality.

The debate in Utah has centered upon a law passed last year that allows parents to request the removal of books containing pornographic or indecent material.

One parent in the Davis school district decided to demand the removal of the Bible, claiming it to be “one of the most sex-ridden books around”.

The district decided that while the Bible did not violate the Utah law, it was not suitable for younger students.

There are sex scenes in the Bible. That’s not been a problem since the advent of the printing press, shortly after which the Bible became available to children across the entire Western world.

Is it more “sex-ridden” than this?

That is used in the curriculum for elementary school kids in several American schools.

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Just imagine the nerve of these people. There is nothing pornographic in the Bible. The sex is things like this:

I’m steel-manning here. That is describing the incest-rape of Tamar by Amnon, which is probably the most incendiary sexual event in the entire Bible. It’s that one verse. (Here’s the context, in case anyone doubts it.) Go ahead and compare it to the text and imagery above.

The Song of Solomon is a sex book, but it uses poetic metaphors that children would not understand.

The Book of Mormon could be next to be banished. Joseph Smith, the church founder who published the book in 1830, claimed it was translated from inscriptions of prophets on golden plates.

The book is presented as a historically authentic depiction of God’s dealings with people in the Americas, although this is disputed by historians and scientists.

The Book of Mormon doesn’t have sex scenes like the Bible does.

So, they will just use some other excuse.

Imagine that “conservatives” like Ted Cruz are still claiming that these people are just “misguided” because of their “ideology.”

Not one person in the government will say “Satanic Jews who want to sodomize your pre-teen sons – before and after they cut their dicks off.”

This county used to be based just a year-and-a-half ago