Vatican Putting Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on Trial for Denying the Legitimacy of the “Anal Pope”

It sure is starting to look like there is no way to work within the Vatican to force the Pope to roll back his anal agenda.

There are about 1.4 Catholics in the world. It would be extremely conservative to claim that at least 1 billion of them don’t agree with this anal agenda (it is probably closer to 1.2 billion of them). None of those people have any recourse. They just have to bend over for Pope Anus, who is committing open heresy and then targeting for destruction anyone who questions him.

What is the solution?

The Guardian:

A former Catholic church diplomat and virulent critic of Pope Francis has said the Vatican is putting him on trial for denying the pontiffโ€™s legitimacy.

Carlo Maria Viganรฒ, 83, an ultra-conservative who was the Vaticanโ€™s ambassador to the US from 2011 to 2016, said the powerful department of doctrine had summoned him on Thursday to hear the charges.

In posts in several languages on X, Viganรฒ said the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith had set out accusations โ€œof having committed the crime of schismโ€ โ€“ that is, splitting the Catholic church.

There has to be a schism.

You schism or you take it in the ass.

Those are the options.

He was also charged with โ€œhaving denied the legitimacy of โ€˜Pope Francisโ€™, of having broken communion โ€˜with Himโ€™, and of having rejected the Second Vatican Councilโ€ in the 1960s, which set the church on a modernising path, Viganรฒ wrote.

He railed against Francisโ€™s welcome for undocumented migrants, his โ€œdelirious encyclicalsโ€ about climate change and authorisation of blessings for same-sex couples, and accused him of promoting his allies.

He does promote his allies. Or maybe you would say, his allies promote him. The “Pope” himself is a Joe Biden style zombie at this point. But the entire Vatican is overrun with homos.

The schism is coming. The schism is already here.

The Trial of Archbishop Vigano will be the historical moment that marked the official beginning of the schism.

It’s time for all Catholics who do not agree with this anal agenda to rally.