NY’s Beached Whale Day Promotes Deformed Women at the Beach

Wait, are we back to “healthy at any size”?

I thought that was killing people so they stopped it.

But maybe this is more about… helping black men enjoy themselves?

The Guardian:

Fat Beach Day events are springing up across the US in an effort to fight back against fat-phobia, reclaim safe spaces for the community and honor plus-size culture. Today, one of these celebrations is being held to coincide with Pride month at Jacob Riis Beach in New York, a location deeply ensconced in the city’s activism space.

“We’re going through something culturally that is impacting us every day on an individual level and a systemic level,” said Jordan Underwood, the event organizer. “We’re really trying to open up a space for people to be themselves.”

Underwood, a plus-size model, artist and activist, described being bullied for their weight as far back as middle school. Consistent hate, cruelty and harmful rhetoric from fellow students led to them setting up a blog at 12 years old, which became a place where they documented their experiences and made sense of what they were going through. In many ways, this marked the beginning of their journey into what they denote as “fat activism”.

Jordan Underwood

Now, they organize events throughout New York City and work with Berriez, a vintage store “curated for curves” based in Brooklyn, to organize Fat Beach Day.

There may be rain, but the pair aren’t bothered. The day – featuring food, drinks and free sunscreen from Vacation – is something they’ve been looking forward to and planning for months.

“I’m so self-conscious at the beach, and I’m never around people that look like me,” said Emma Zack, who started Berriez in 2018. “I’m so excited we’ve created this space for other folks with bigger bodies to have a good time.”

In an era in which weight-loss drugs like Ozempic are deeply ingrained in mainstream diet culture, and thinness is resurgent as the ideal beauty standard, events like Fat Beach Day are becoming powerful tools in the fight against these norms. They have become not just events but calls to action – public stands against the societal pressures to conform to these shifting criteria.

For the next few months, like-minded communities across the US have planned other Fat Beach Days. A Fat Friends Pool Party is taking place in Chicago on 13 July. There will also be a Bellies Out Beach Day in Los Angeles in a few weeks.

It’s funny, because every bad thing is happening.

If there’s something bad that you can think of but you’ve never heard of it happening, you can search it on the internet and find that it actually is happening.