Vegan Group Releases Ad Claiming T-Rex Gave Birth to a Chicken

PETA, a vegan group, has an ad out saying that chickens are descended from the T-Rex dinosaur.

So like, the dinosaurs kept having children for millions of years and they slowly became chickens over time.

There are people who believe this sort of thing, apparently. Because there are people who will just believe whatever they are told to believe.

As far as the ad’s premise – “would you eat a T-Rex?” – I can’t really see why you wouldn’t, other than that the meat would be very tough. I’ve eaten crocodile and snake, as well as various other lizards, and did not think it was great meat, but I would eat it if I was hungry. Honestly, I feel the same way about chicken – this is not my preferred meat.

If Dinosaurs even existed at all, which is questionable.

How did they have sex? No one wants to address this issue.

There are theories now that people started asking the question, but none of them explain, in physics terms, how creatures this size could actually be getting on top of each other without the female being crushed.

With T-Rex I’ve seen “one legged balancing act penetration” argued. How can a creature that weighs six tons balance on one leg?

With the T-Rex specifically, you’ve also got the issue of the spine being incapable of supporting the weight of the head.

I have a lot of questions.

However, I do not have questions about the claim that a T-Rex is the ancestor of a chicken. That is just retarded.