Very Sad! Sebastian Gorka Reduced to Selling Back Pain Ointment to Boomers!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2019

According to the latest Stormer survey, the Neon-Nazi patrons of this humble news site no longer want to hear anything bad about Trump.

Looking at these results, one might reasonably conclude that this was a majority pro-Trump site that was sick of all the anti-Trump shilling.

However, a further look down the list revealed more startling details:

It turns out that as much as everyone is sick of hearing what a useless kike shill Donald Trump is, there are even less people willing to go to bat for said kike shill.

Which brings me to my point: you may remember Sebahstian Gorkah from the glory days of the Trump administration.

Sebastian pictured here preparing to devour a libtard by cramming him into his gaping maw.

I wonder what he’s up to nowadays? How has his loyalty to the Trump administration been rewarded?

The Independent:

Donald Trump’s former deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka has become the latest alt-right internet celebrity to find himself a lucrative sideline shifting pills and vitamin supplements.

The likes of InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, ex-NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and Ben Shapiro have all lent their names to questionable nutritional aids in recent years, joining a fine tradition of American hucksterism that traces its origins at least as far back as the snake oil nerve tonics hawked at Midwestern sideshows in the 19th century.

Clearly growing weary of brawling in the White House Rose Garden and falling victim to prank callers on his radio show, Gorka evidently fancies a slice of the action and has signed up as a spokesman for Relief Factor, a health and wellness company that sells an over-the-counter pain medication whose main ingredient is fish oil.

In a newly released advert for the product, “Dr” Gorka introduces himself and says:

“First of all, let me say I have never before endorsed a pain reliever, but when Pete and Seth Talbott, the father and son owners of Relief Factor, asked me to endorse their 100 per cent drug free product, I absolutely couldn’t say no.

Of course, I only said yes because after years of my personal lower back pain, I am now pain free.

The product is yours for a whopping $19.95 (plus postage).”

He has, of course, been roundly mocked in Washington by political adversaries enjoying his fall from (relative) grace and by many others further afield as well. 

The Jews over at The Majority Report did indeed have a Minute of Mockery for Sebahstian’s fall from grace.

Believe it or not, it was actually an amusing and informative segment on Gorka’s latest grift wherein they cackled with glee at how badly Donald Trump screwed over one of his former allies and left him forced to sell commercials to the only demographic that he had any clout with – delusional old MAGA people – to make some money.

Sebahstian Gorkah was a shill’s shill. This did nothing to save him. He too got purged out of the Trump Administration during the whole transition from nationalism to globalism.

Funny enough, the Jews over at The Majority Report did some opposition research and dug up the fact that his father was involved in “deradicalization efforts” with right-wing groups in the UK (which they probably shouldn’t have revealed because it seems to imply that the Gorkah clan were a bunch of spooks).

When it comes down to it, he really was the last gasp of the right-leaning populists in Trump’s administration. There’s no one of any worth left in the Trump administration now. It’s sad to see him selling snake oil back paint ointment now.

What’s worse is that the stuff never works, and Sebastian knows it.