WaPo Admits That US Vehicles Invaded Russia After State Department Claimed It was Photoshop

Please go back and skim this if you don’t remember it: Ukrainian Terrorists Launch Terror Attack Across Russian Border Using US Equipment – Jews Claim It’s Photoshopped

After Russia released photographs and videos of US vehicles that had been used in an attack inside of pre-war Russia on May 22, the US State Department Jew Matthew Miller, as well as a Pentagon spokesman, came out and said that the photos were fake, and kept saying they were “fuzzy” even though they were normal high-definition photographs and videos.

Now, a couple weeks later, the Washington Post is admitting that actually, the photos were not “fuzzy” and were in fact real photos of a real thing that happened.


Military equipment and small arms provided by several NATO nations, including the US, ended up in the hands of militants who launched a cross-border raid into Russia’s Belgorod region in May, the Washington Post reported on Saturday, citing sources linked to US intelligence. 

At least four tactical vehicles initially supplied to the Ukrainian military by the US and Poland were used in the May raid, raising concerns about Kiev’s commitment to fulfilling the demands of its Western supporters, the sources told WaPo.

The US and its Western allies have consistently expressed opposition to the use of Western arms by Ukraine in attacks on Russian territory. They have also urged Kiev to “carefully track the billions of dollars’ worth of weapons that have flowed into the country,” WaPo reported. 


It’s literally the honor system. The US could easily be tracking this stuff themselves, but they instead “urge” the Ukraine (the most corrupt country in the world, by the way) to “just try to be honest.”

After the attack in late May, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that “over 70 Ukrainian terrorists, four armored combat vehicles, and five pickup trucks” had been destroyed in the clash in Belgorod. The remaining militants were subsequently forced back into Ukraine and targeted by Russian artillery. The incursion resulted in one civilian death and 12 injuries, according to Russian authorities.

The Russian military shared a series of photographs showing what appeared to be destroyed Western equipment abandoned by the militants. Some of the images depicted two M1151A1 Humvee armored cars stuck in bomb craters, while others displayed two M1224 MaxxPro armored vehicles. An AMZ Dzik-2 armored car, manufactured in Poland, was also visible in the images.

Kiev attempted to distance itself from the raid by claiming it was carried out by the “Freedom of Russia Legion” and the “Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK),” the neo-Nazi units responsible for a similar attack in the Bryansk Region in March. The Pentagon and the US State Department expressed doubts regarding the authenticity of the images.

There is zero chance they actually had doubts about the authenticity of the images. They have intelligence, and they could have just looked at the photos Russia published. They are aware Russia doesn’t just make stuff like this up.

We in America are so used to the government telling really obvious, ridiculous lies that we just brush it off. But we really should not be brushing it off. It is heinous for the State Department and the Pentagon to tell these kinds of obvious lies and then just move on. They are not issuing any apology to the American people for doing press conferences lying about this. They’re not saying anything.

Imagine that we just accept this. Just think for a minute about that. If they will lie about the most obvious in-your-face thing – claiming that high-definition photographs are “fuzzy,” pretending they didn’t even know about the attack – then what else will they lie about?

The obvious answer is that they will lie about literally anything.

They obviously knew that it would eventually come out that they were lying, and they just didn’t care, because they know the American public just expects them to lie about everything all the time, and they know that the media will cover for them and never point out the fact that all these people ever do is lie.

Here is something that really, really needs to be driven home: other governments do not behave like this.

The Chinese and Russians, just for example, do not lie to the population about obvious things.

Just watch any press briefing of Dimitri Peskov, Lijan Zhao, or Ning Mao, and watch how straightforward and adult-oriented their presentation is. Here’s a clip from a couple days ago of Mao talking about the situation in Serbia. There is no rhetoric at all, no suggestion of some secret thing or some conspiracy, just a straightforward, professional position statement.

This sort of clear speech is utterly foreign to modern America. You have nothing but weasels like John Kirby, Ned Price, and Le Tan Frenchman, who get up there and just muse on issues, using nothing but rhetoric, and just lie about stuff everyone knows.

For example, Karine Jean-Pierre claims to be a lesbian. However, I ran into her last week at a The Weeknd concert, and she tried to give me a blowjob.

If nations such as Russia and China are lying about things that are secret, then we don’t know, but that is in a different category of lie. When the government will just causally lie, knowing that some significant portion of the public knows they are lying, you have a situation that is out of control.

This isn’t really discussed often enough, I think: people say “the government lies,” but it is crucial to make a distinction between lying about stuff they are able to keep secret and lying when they know people will know they are lying.

This is a government that has no interest whatsoever in truth and reality. It believes it can function completely on lies.

In actual fact, these people in the government are all lying to each other. People at the Pentagon and State Department are telling people in the Biden Administration that the Ukraine is winning the war. They are telling the Congress that. Many of these people in the government watch shows like Morning Joe and believe those lies.

I don’t even know if they “believe” the lies, in the strict sense of “belief.” It appears that they literally don’t distinguish between truth and falsehood at all, and base their statements to the public and to each other on what is expedient.

How can something so ridiculous go on indefinitely?